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   Chapter 230 Never Compare With Your Sister

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"At the TrewY's, "

"You were the only Lady Nalan we knew." "Aren't all your uncles living abroad with their families? As far as we know you are the only Lady Nalan." When Jessie Lou thought of the other woman, who was also claiming to be Lady Nalan, she felt sick from the inside.

Their food arrived and both girls ate in silence.

After they had finished, Jessie Lou brought Rosy up to speed on everything that was going on.

Jessie Lou also said "Rosy, I simply cannot take this any more." "That bitch should learn to stay out of things that don't concern her!" Jessie managed to eat the last bite of her steak.

Jessie was outraged every time she thought about Linda mocking her with sarcastic comments in front of others.

Everyone knew Jessie Lou belonging to the esteemed Luo Clan. No one dared speak to her the way Linda did at the library.

"Don't worry! We will make sure that bitch pays for everything."

"What are we going to do? Do you have a plan in mind?"

"Yes! How about causing some trouble. That will be fun, won't it?" "I have someone watching her everyday. I know she likes to take a walk around Plum garden after dinner. What do you think about her accidentally falling into that pool? After all, it is quite chilly." "My grandfather had that pool made so he could grow fish in it."

Jessie Lou understood and gave Rosy a wicked smile.

"How about we push her?" Jessie asked. "No, I don't think we should do it ourselves." "Tell me again, your grandfather adopted her as his granddaughter, right?" "Won't he be disturbed if he found out you are behind all this?"

Rosy let out a sigh and said "Jessie, you idiot!"

leave me?" As Lisa cuddled up to Charles, she almost felt upset for asking him that.

"Of course, I will be here with you forever, I promise!"

If only he knew it was Lisa he was talking to and not his beloved Linda. What would he have done?

Lisa had only a week left, before her deadline. The one set by Adam Huo.

Lisa Xia did not even want to think about the dire consequences she would have to face; had she failed to steal the accounts and balance sheets of the Mu Group.

Lisa often thought about not going through with the plan and challenging Adam Huo. But, then she remembered the torture she went through when she was with him. It made her shiver with fear. During the four months she was with him, he had turned her into his slave.

"Of course, I will be with you forever."

Lisa then asked Charles, "Darling how about I accompany you to work tomorrow?" "I have nothing to do here alone all day." Lisa was trying her luck, to see how Charles would respond to this thought she had.

"Sure, you can. Why don't you sleep in tomorrow morning? I will have Paul pick you up by noon."

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