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   Chapter 229 You Are A Fake Lady

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Rosy took the investigation report from the police officer. She looked around to see if anyone saw her. She then quickly ran into her room.

She tore open the envelope and pulled the report out. Once she started reading it, she came across a name.. It was Jessie Lou, her best friend.

The report read, "Dear Mr. Li, after a thorough investigation, we have found that Miss Jessie Lou is the person behind harassing Miss Lily Jiang. She along with another classmate paid a large sum of money to the three men. Kindly let us know how you would like us this particular matter". As per the report, The Lou Clan and Nalan Clan were business partners.

At the end of the report was a telephone number left by the officer.

It turned out that the report was addressed to Nelson Li.

In the Nalan clan, apart from servants, there was only one person with the last name Li, Nelson Li.

Rosy Nalan did not like Nelson very much.

Simply because Nelson did not give Rosy much attention. This in-turn hurt Rosy's ego. After all, she was from the Nalan Clan; an attractive young lady. How could Nelson act like she didn't exist?

Nelson Li was just a poor student who was funded by Lord Nalan. He certainly was a nobody in the Nalan clan. Rosy and her siblings always felt threatened by Nelson.

Since Lord Nalan allowed Nelson to run the Nalan Group.

Did grandfather intend to let Nelson Li own a part of the family business? Who the hell is this guy?

She thought as she tore up the report and threw it in the dustbin.

Soon after that she pulled her cell phone out of her bag and dialed a number.

"Hey, Rosy". "What's up?" " Why haven't you called me for so long, you busy girl?"

Jessie Luo said at the other end of the line.

Rosy said "Come home right now Jessie, I have some news for you. I have just done you a huge favor. You owe me one now."

"What's wrong?"

"Come home right away

grandfather brought this woman home and told us he was adopting her as his granddaughter. I have no idea what my grandfather is thinking."

Rosy Nalan got upset every time she thought of this.

Jessie then told Rosy what happened at the library. Rosy was all the more irked after that.

Rosy new there was something not right about Linda. She was just after money. Now by helping someone like Lily Jiang, it said a lot.

Rosy said "Who the hell does she think she is, this Lady Nalan? How dare she interfere with what we do? I will not have her living in my estate anymore."

Rosy Nalan had developed a hatred for Lily Jiang, while they were all freshmen at Q University. Rosy liked a boy very much; she tried her best to pursue him, but he turned her down as he was interested in Lily Jiang. This was why Rosy harbored hostility towards Lily.

How dare she be turned down, after all, she was the Lady of such a powerful Clan.

It was only because of this reason Rosy Clan and Jessie Lou made sure Lily was troubled and bullied all the time.

But these girls were very cautious. They made sure Lily was only troubled and not hurt, since they were just students.

Lily Jiang could not do anything to get back at them; because she knew she could not take them on.

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