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   Chapter 228 The Kind Nalan Clan

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After an entire month of nourishing food and care, Linda started to feel much better. Her wounds were healing.

Linda could not understand why there were so many changes to face.

"Lady Linda, this remarkable procedure was done as an experiment. We have never done this before. These changes you are noticing are quite exceptional."

"Will there be any side effects?"

"We highly doubt it. We have done a complete examination; though we see changes, we are unable to explain the reasons for them."

Before putting on her mask, Linda looked at her face once again. She just wished she could understand those changes.

"It is alright. I can't help if there are changes on my face. I'm only grateful that the scars have begun to fade." Linda smiled as she spoke to her doctors.

"Lady Linda, we will come back for another follow-up. This time we will include a detailed procedure in our report. We're sorry, we have done everything we could for you."

Her doctors felt guilty. They had assured Linda that once the procedure was over, the scars on her face would deteriorate, but had failed to mention the structural changes.

Even with all the changes and the faded scars, every time Lady Linda took off her mask, she looked beautiful.

Though her face had healed, she was advised to continue the medication for another two months.

Linda had been on the medicinal diet ever since her treatment had begun. She was eagerly looking f

right into her.

Rosy took a step back and screamed "Ouch, who the hell is standing in my way?" Rosy was so angry.

"Excuse me, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you."

Rosy looked up and saw it was a police officer in uniform. Since he bumped into her, his documents slipped and fell to the ground. Rosy looked down and saw a file named "Investigation File."

"What's this?" Rosy asked.

"Oh this is for Lady Nalan. It was due a few days ago, I apologise for the delay. Would you happen to know the way to Lady Linda's garden?" The officer was fresh out of the training academy. He was new on to the job and trusted Rosy when he saw she was from the Nalan Clan; he told her where it had to go.

"This is for the Lady of the Nalan Clan?" She asked. Rosy quickly thought of a plan. She said to the officer "I know where to find her, I can give this to her too. It's getting cold, why don't you go back?"

"Really?" Thank you so much."

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