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   Chapter 227 Taking Lily Home

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Nelson went red with embarrassment. His hands were trembling when he replied "I wasn't peeking!."

"Oh yes I caught you, you were peeking Nelson, it's all over your face. You are blushing, I can see."

Lily Jiang emphasised.

"I was just trying to look at you, Lily!"

Lily didn't expect Nelson to respond. She sat back and continued looking out of the window.

Linda was smiling to herself. She shrugged her head slightly and thought how funny it was watching Lily and Nelson arguing like a married couple.

On reaching home, Linda settled down in her garden to rest. She could hear Anna complaining at the back; "Lady Linda, is everything alright? You took so long to return from your walk. You know you have to eat your medicated porridge on time, else it loses its effect".

When Anna came out, she saw an unfamiliar face with Lady Linda. This woman had beautiful eyes and soft skin. Her hair fell casually on her shoulders. Anna was confused when she saw this woman carrying many large suitcases.

Who was this young house guest with Lady Linda?

"Give me the medicated porridge, Anna. I will have it right away." Linda reached out her hand.

"Sure, my lady. I will heat it up; it's gone cold due to the bad weather."

"Anna, let me introduce you to Lily Jiang. She will be staying here for some time. Please make up the room for her." Linda said.

Anna acknowledged. She then looked to Lily "My name is Anna Xu, I'm Lady Linda's home doctor."

"Hello!" Lily greeted Anna. The two made a simple acquaintance.

"Lady Mu, please sit down and rest. I'm going to bring you your porridge. Oh, Lily have you had anything to eat?" Please join us. I already had some servants set up a room for you."

"Lady Mu? Linda? You have a husband? You're married?" Lily was surprised when Anna referred to Linda as Lady Mu.

Lily noticed Nelson referred to Linda

." "Relax, stay here with me for some time."

In the house, there were a lot of vacant rooms, so Lily could choose whichever one she liked, as she was only a temporary guest.

Linda asked Nelson to inform Richard Nalan about the new house guest.

Once Richard heard about the incident, he approved of Lily's staying.

After all it was a good thing for Linda to have someone to talk to.

So Lily Jiang stayed at Nalan Clan temporarily.

Nelson was visiting Linda frequently. Although there was no reason to. He would ask Linda if she had any errands for him.

Linda knew Nelson was making excuses in the name of Lord Nalan, but in truth, he was only hoping to see Lily.

As time passed and with the medication, the scars on Linda's face had lightened, it was almost a fortnight. But Linda would still worry every time she saw her face in the mirror. That somehow she didn't feel like herself. Almost like her face did not belong to her.

She looked as pretty as before, but there were so many changes; she could hardly remember what her face looked like before the scars.

Anna would examine Linda and would not find anything wrong with her. She was getting curious!

She then requested for a few foreign doctors to examine Linda.

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