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   Chapter 226 Lily's Care

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"Yes, my Lady."

Nelson took out his phone to call the police. They arrived within a few minutes.

Since Nelson had mentioned he was calling on behalf of the Nalan Clan, the case was considered serious, and several senior officers arrived at the scene.

"Would you please consider coming with me. Don't stay here anymore."

Before Lily could respond, Linda said, "Nel, take her luggage into our car. Well, Lily, stop being angry with him, he didn't mean to offend you. If you are still angry, l will punish him back home. He also lives in the Nalan clan. You can meet each other more often."

Lily was hesitant. Although they had just met, she knew in her heart that she was already in love with him.

She did not like the idea of being a bother to Linda by living in the Nalan Clan. Besides, she and Rosy were also in conflict with one another.

"Will it not be an issue if I came with you to your house?" Lily asked with hesitation.

"Absolutely not! I live on my own. There will be no trouble if you came." Spring Festival is coming. Do you want to celebrate it alone? Come with me!"


Lily was smiling. Nelson was completely taken in with her charm and beauty.

Lily was different from the others. Her innocence was appealing every time one would look at her. The look of her radiant skin, with those expressive eyes, tender lips made her stand out from the crowd.

Lily was a natural beauty. Her soft luscious ha

seem like an appropriate time. Besides, she didn't want Linda to think of any bad memories.

Linda knew Lily was curious. She spoke softly: "I wear the mask because there are many scars on my face. I don't want to scare other people."

Lily could see Linda had such revealing eyes. But, she still didn't know the secret behind those scars. Maybe it was best left unsaid, she thought.

"Does it hurt?"


Linda realised Lily was a such a kindhearted innocent girl. Lily did not once ask about how she got scares, instead asked her if they still hurt.

"Its alright Lily, you can ask me how I got them". Linda said.

Lily smiled and looked outside the window. Linda was surprised. She saw how Lily's beautiful hair swirled with the wind. Nelson wished he could turn around to get a glimpse of Lily. He could not since he was driving.

"Why are you trying to look at me?"

Lily asked Nelson when she saw he was trying to get a peek at her.

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