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   Chapter 225 In the Name of the Nalan Clan

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"Why don't you just go about minding you're own business, or.... you will regret it."

"Oh is that so? "What can you possibly do to make me regret standing here?" All of a sudden a usually calm and stunning Nelson, looked vicious.

"Go to hell!"

The leader shouted, spitted and clenched his fists with anger.

The other two men approached Nelson with their clubs.

Nelson resisted at first, then fought one of them and pulled his club away.

Nelson lunged up and gave the man a sharp blow on the head, within seconds he was unconscious on the ground.

One of them tried to hit back but, Nelson quickly turned around. He kicked the man in his stomach, and with another blow, he knocked him down to the ground.

Nelson punched them so hard. They lay on the ground moaning in pain. Neither of them could get up.

Watching what Nelson had done to the other two men, the last one decided to make a run for it. It was already dark, so Nelson decided against following him.

When Linda got to the scene and found the two men on the ground, she never once imagined someone like Nelson could fight, let alone hit anyone.

He walked up to Lily, knelt down and asked her "Are you alright, Miss Jiang?"

"I owe you for helping me, I will repay you soon."

Lily was still upset with Nelson. Her voice was cold.

"Please don't be so rude, Miss Jiang. "I don't know why you feel this way.... "

Nelson was thrilled when Lily thanked hi

ouse. How can a student afford it? Lily had to work part-time to pay her bills and manage all her other expenses. It was a hard life for a student.

"Go now. I cannot put up with you anymore. I don't understand how young girls like you do such things? You bring men like this back here and then blame me..."

"Mrs. Landlady, I apologize, I was wrong, " pleaded Lily. "Please let me live here. I will move out by the new semester."

Lily knew the landlady would not take her back. She might end up sleeping in a park through the peak winters. With new year coming soon, she couldn't very well spend the night at a park.

Nelson saw the look on Lily's face. She looked anxious and afraid. He wanted to ask her to go with him, but he stayed quiet.

Linda had heard enough. She called out to Nelson, "Call the police in the name of Nalan Clan. Tell them about this entire incident, let them take these two men with them to find out who is behind all this".

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