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   Chapter 224 Who Was So Evil

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Nelson pulled himself together without saying a single word. He did not once look at the girl he was carrying in his arms.

Linda thought about how destiny played a magical role in bringing two people together.

A perfect way to begin a new relationship! In most cases.

Linda had a good feeling about Nelson and Lily. It was the way they affectionately looked at each other.

"Lily, do you live in the dormitory?" inquired Linda. "We could drop you back to school on our way back." Linda smiled as she asked Lily.

"That won't be necessary My Lady, " replied Lily. "The dormitory is closed during winter break. So I'm living in another locality temporarily." Lily smiled.

"Alright! In that case, we will drop you at your temporary locality."

Once they got into the car, Nelson followed the directions Lily gave him.

It was a quick thirty minutes drive.

It so turned out that Lily was living in a slum area. It was tiny and packed. The house looked shabby from the outside.

When she saw where Lily was living, Linda remembered her childhood. It was not one of the best places for a single young girl. She did not say anything. On the other hand, Nelson was shocked. He could not help but ask, "Miss Jiang, do you live here?"

Once Lily saw the look on Nelson's face, she giggled and said "It's falling apart, right? Ha-ha. Well, what choice do I have? I do not have a family anymore except for a few distant relatives who don't seem to care. I'm only a student. I can afford this cheap place. It costs a few hundred to live here. Besides, its only during my winter break."

Lily gave Nelson the brightest smile. But Linda could see that beneath those beautiful eyes there was sadness.

After exchanging goodbyes, Lily picked up her backpack and began to walk away.

Linda called out, "Lily, what's your mobile number? I have a good feeling we will be good friends." Linda spoke from the car.

The feeling came out of nowhere. Given the similarities between the two women, Linda felt they would get along, especially since Lily was a humble girl with a good character.

Lily waved to Linda's surprise. "Y

ey could exit the alley, they heard Lily screaming. "Help me! Get off me!"

Linda looked back, and before she could react, Nelson had jumped out of the car. He began sprinting in Lily's direction.

In her condition, she knew it would not be a good idea to run in a dark alley. So she followed Nelson slowly.

"What happened?" "What was all the screaming about?"

Nelson saw that three men had surrounded Lily in the corner of the dark alley.

He heard one of the men say, "Behave yourself, kitten. You better not try one of your tricks on us."

"Who are you?" "Who is behind this?"

"That doesn't make any difference."

"Go away! Just go away!"

"Who are you?" Nelson could no longer hold back his anger.

"Young man, I suggest you fuck off." One of the three men turned and threatened Nelson.

"Who is this guy anyway?" "What a bummer!" They had to finish their task and report to Miss Lou.

Lily felt completely overwhelmed. She was so terrified that she collapsed on the ground with fright.

"Get out of here." Nelson shouted. Seeing Lily fall only enraged him further.

He couldn't help think of what might have happened, had they not dropped Lily home. Had she been alone without Nelson to rescue her.. He didn't want to think about that any more. No girl should have to go through something like this.

Who could be so evil?

Nelson had a very strong feeling that this was no accident.

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