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   Chapter 223 Sorry Miss Jiang

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"Please excuse me, Miss Jiang."

Lily nodded. Linda noticed that Lily was in extreme pain, from being hit by the chair. She was so thankful to Lily for pushing her aside.

"Alright, Nel, we need to take Lily to the hospital soon. I'm concerned as she seems to be hurt pretty bad by Jessie Lou's bodyguards."

"Yes My Lady, no problem" replied Nelson.

Linda quickly put on her hat and left the library.

Nelson knelt down to talk to Lily. "Are you alright, Miss?" "Does your leg hurt when you try to walk?

Nelson was a few feet away. When Lily looked up at him, she nearly skipped a heartbeat. He wore a warm look on his face. She replied by nodding in pain.

So he asked again, "Can you walk, Miss?"

"I don't think I can, " said Lily.

All right! "No problem." "I will help you, please excuse me."

He then gently held her by her waist..

Lily blushed when she felt his warm chest. She did not want Nelson to see her, so she hid her face in her arms and tried not look up.

Linda smiled when he saw how Lily had covered her face.

Linda was amazed at how their relationship had developed. After all, they've just met.

When Nelson stepped out the library, he noticed Linda was looking at him. Suddenly, he could feel his face getting red and warm. He managed to get a few words out " My Lady, this young lady could not walk, so I had to..."

As Linda touched her forehead, she saw Lilly blinking from the corner of her eye. She took that as a hint and held herself back from laughing. She then said to Nelson "Alright, let's get out of here. We can let Lily sit in the front passenger seat."

"Thank you very much" Lily whispered to Linda.



Lily looked at Nelson then said to Linda, "I will give you all the details next time."

Linda wondered if Lily was trying to save face in Nelson's presence.

Linda decided not to make Lily talk about the things she was not comfortable with. There will always be a next time.

Meanwhile, the doctor confirmed that Lily had only bruised her leg after he thoroughly checked.

The doctor was curious about why Lily was not able to walk a while back.

Linda, on the other hand, chose to remain quiet.

She didn't want to expose Lily.

Nelson was quite too and felt a bit odd standing over there.

"Nel, why are you not give Lily a helping hand?" Linda suggested.

Lily gave Linda a thankful look.

"Yes, My Lady."

Since Linda asked Nelson, he nodded his head and went ahead to support Lily. But she could only move slowly. So Nelson asked her to wait for a second.

He then carried Lily by her waist. It took her by surprise and she blushed.

"Lady Xia needs to be home by 6 pm. She has to have her medicated porridge, so we have to hurry. Do excuse me, but I felt we could be faster this way."

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