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   Chapter 222 The Fearless Women!

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"Jessie, you are going too far! This is a public area. It's not a place for you to throw your tantrum. You think I am a pushover? Is that it?"

Lily was raging. She pushed the table with all her strength as she yelled.

Linda and Jessie were shocked. They had never once imagined that Lily had this much strength. She was dainty.

"Just whack them." Jessie commanded. Even though she looked very pretty with all her make-up, the coldness reflecting in her eyes lent her a cruel appearance.

"Yes, My Lady."

When the two strong men recognized that Linda and Lily were young girls, they walked up to Linda and apologized for offending her and Lily.

In the next minute, one of the big men reached out and grabbed Linda.

Lily flung her chair at him.

The chair hit him on the arm. The big man felt a sharp pain and his hand began to tremble.

The chair helped Lily distract the men.

The man shouted angrily, "Son of a bitch! How dare you hit me?" He glared at Lily and licked his lips.

"Why shouldn't I?" Said Lily, "Its people like you that ought to go to hell, to be punished for even listening to someone like her." Lily smiled fearlessly.

"Watch your mouth." Jessie shouted at Lily.

Just then, one of the big men tossed a chair towards Linda, but Lily was quick enough to push Linda aside. The chair hit her on the calf. She screamed in agony.

"What?" "Why should I listen to anything you have to say?" "You have been trying to get

of family trifles and servants. You should teach her better. As a servant, she should not be so interfering."

"She is a Lady of our clan, not a servant." clarified Nelson. He walked up to Linda, bowed with respect, and said, "My Lady."

Linda smiled and spoke to Nelson in a soft voice. "This lady here would have me whacked by her bodyguards and then pay to have me treated."

Nelson was infuriated. He never once thought that Linda would be in trouble once he had left. Hearing some noises coming from downstairs, he left to investigate.

"A lady? Is Lady Rose not the only one in the Clan? Are there other ladies in the Nalan Clan?" Jessie seemed very confused.

"Are you going to interfere in our family affairs?" Linda casually mocked Jessie.

"My Lady, how would you want me to deal with this?" Nelson lowered his head and asked.

"Forget about it, Nel. When bit by a crazy dog, one is hardly expected to bite back at it. Don't you think so too, Lily?"

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