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   Chapter 221 Linda's Intervention

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Lily can't bear Jessie's aggressiveness. She can do nothing but to put the book down, put her backpack on and leave. After all, she had no one else to rely on but only herself.

Linda thought Jessie had gone too far. She cannot tolerate this. "How could Jessie forbid Lily from reading or borrowing a book in the library? And the reason she stated cannot even hold water. Most likely, it was because someone chose Lily over Rosy.

Why Jessie is so angry about that? Why would she meddle in someone else's business?"

Today's situation reminded her of her first encounter with Sarah in the Public Security Bureau. Back then, Bun hit Sarah pretty hard.

The two situations were so similar that Linda smiled innocuously.

She stood up when Lily was about to leave, "Wait, don't go yet."

Lily turned her head. She was a little confused. So was Jessie. She frowned, "Well, You want to be a hero?"

Linda replied indifferently, "Not really."

"Mind your own business." Jessie warned.

"Let me offer you a solution. You said that she made some noise when you were reading, right?" Linda asked, smiling.

"What solution?" Jessie was a bit surprised.

"Do you know the library regulations?" Pointing at the notice on the wall, Linda continued, "All the students of Q University can read and borrow books for free with their student cards. You don't have the right to ask her to leave."

"So you want to meddle in this matter?" Jessie stood up and walked towards Linda.

She noticed the two scars on Linda's forehead. But she didn't recognize Linda because of the face mask. What sh

the heart.

These feelings were hidden at daytime and would come out only at night.

"So what? I did hit you, and then? You started it. Why did you stretch out your hand first?"

"Haha, wearing a face mask in daytime. Have you done something bad? Or being disfigured?! ! You are a servant. How dare you hit me? You will pay for this."

Jessie said and took out her mobile phone, calling, "Hello, you two come here now."

"Damn it. She is calling for help." Lily took out her smart phone immediately and was ready to call the police.

Linda looked at the clock on the wall: two minutes to five. She stopped Lily. She knew Nelson would be here soon. Jessie's helpers are no match for Nelson.

Linda missed Bun.

Bun was a good and observant protector.

If Bun were here, Jessie wouldn't have the chance to be so arrogant.

Two sturdy men in black coat appeared at the entrance, "My lady."

"Whack them. Don't pull back your punch. I will pay for their treatment." Pointing at Linda and Lily, Jessie said so viciously. Lily felt a cold shiver.

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