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   Chapter 220 Commotion in the Library

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There should be complete silence in a library. But who was making this noise?

Linda looked towards where the noise came from. As did others in the room. Many of them seemed disturbed by the noise.

An staff, who had been standing at the entrance, ran over to check what was going on.

The girl who seemingly made the noise was pointing her finger towards another girl who was sitting and reading a book quietly. The latter talked without even looking up, "Jessie Luo, you're in a library. Could you please be quiet? You are disturbing others."

"Miss Luo, what's going on?" asked the staff courteously.

Linda scrutinized Miss Luo. She seemed a nice girl, but with a strong makeup. In this cold winter, she was wearing a miniskirt and boots. How reckless she was!

"Get her out. She's disturbing me." Miss Luo again pointed towards the other girl. Her arrogant attitude looked somehow similar to Sarah Shen. But Sarah Shen seemed much older than her.

"But Miss Luo, it cannot be done. This is an open library and this lady hasn't violated any rule..."

The staff looked a little embarrassed. He rubbed his fingers. He looked obviously nervous. Linda could easily figure out that from his gestures.

First, Miss Luo should have something to do with this library because the staff knew her name.

Second, there must be some personal issues between her and the other girl.

Third, Miss Luo couldn't be a nice girl because she yelled in the library. She cared nothing about others and ignored their glances.

Well, she was Jessie Luo,

er way out!

"Okay, I am sorry for the inconvenience. I'm leaving." Lily Jiang felt sympathy towards Jackie's. She stood up and knocked the dust off her clothes. She glanced at Jessie Luo. The latter looked complacent.

"Boring!" teased Lily Jiang.

She shook her head and packed her things. She was going to borrow the book.

She chose some books she would like to read and took them to the reception.

"Put them down. Who allowed you to borrow them?" Jessie Luo spoke again.

Many in the library shook their heads and frowned. However, no one stood out to help. They were not strong enough to do anything about it, because Jessie Luo was kind of a big shot in Q University.

Her father was one of the most powerful and rich men in SH, who got on well with the Nalan clan. Besides, she was a good friend of Rosy Nalan. Those who knew all this wouldn't offend her.

"Do not go too far, Jessie Luo. Does it have anything to do with you? Besides, I don't like Harry Qi, okay? But I can't stop him from liking me, can I?"

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