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   Chapter 219 Quarrel in the Library

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Oh, so it was. No wonder Rosy Nalan kept saying Linda was a maid. It was because of the coat Linda was wearing. It suddenly occurred to Linda that Anna had told her about the the coat. But she paid no attention at that time.

"Don't worry. It's okay. I don't know them anyway. Who are they?"

"They indeed belong to the Nalan clan. They're kids of your uncle Lenny. The boy is Devin Nalan and the girl is Rosy Nalan. They're twins."

"Devin Nalan... Devin..." Linda repeated the name.

She felt something was wrong with the name. Then she got it suddenly. Well, it amused her a lot. How careless her uncle was to give this name! Didn't it sound like Devil?

Nelson Li could see the smile on Linda's face through the rear-view mirror. It was hard to see her expression through the mask, but he could easily guess.

"Lady Linda, are you laughing at his name?"

"Oh, yes. You caught me. How careless my uncle was to give this name? But why? Wouldn't his classmates make fun of him?"

"Lady Linda, you must be kidding. Who dares to make fun of a boy from the Nalan clan?"

"Well, tell me about the other members of the Nalan clan. There seem to have a lot of family members. I thought my grandpa was the only one I had!"

As Nelson Li drove, he explained to her pleasantly.

He briefly introduced the family members to Linda.

"Lady Linda, your grandpa is Richard Nalan. You should know that. He has an elder brother called Robin who died of heart disease in his forties. His children had moved to England. Richard Nalan had three children. Your eld

s used to having Bun around her. But Bun was a girl who shared common topics with her. After all, Nelson Li was a man.

"Okay, Lady Linda. It's two o'clock. When should I come and drive you back?"

Linda looked at the watch and replied, "Come at five and it would be about time for medicinal porridge."

Nelson Li apologized before he left. But Linda felt somehow relaxed. She walked back and forth in the library searching for a good novel to read.

She stopped at the shelves filled with historical novels. She preferred historical novels. Those half-genuine and half-imaginary stories sound quite interesting.

She found a book about the Tang Dynasty and read it with interest. It was intriguing.

She kept reading it for over two hours. By that time her neck started to get stiff. She began to rub her neck gently.

An abrupt voice rang out in the library, breaking the quietness in the air.

"Get out of here! Are you fit to be here? Don't you know your place?" A sharp female voice rushed into Linda's ears. She frowned.

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