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   Chapter 218 A New Granddaughter

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"What a big difference between the brother and sister!" Linda thought.

But Linda chose to reply to Devin also in the same fashion: "None of your business!" It embarrassed and disappointed Devin.

Not only he was polite, but he looked decent as well wearing a pair of golden framed glasses.

Obviously, he was the grandson of Lord Nalan.

If Linda didn't hear how Devin talked about her mother and herself, she might even have a good impression about him.

But she did hear what he said. "Speaking ill of my mother and myself a few minutes ago and being polite in front of me now, This man must be a hypocrite!" Linda thought.

"Who is your master? Why are you here? Do you know that no servant is allowed to come into this garden without my grandpa's permission?"

Devin was still obsessed with Linda's eyes. Indeed Linda was wearing a mask. But Devin thought someone with that kind of beautiful eyes must be naturally gorgeous.

"Is she more charming when she is smiling?" he lost himself in stray thoughts.

"I'll take my leave." Linda didn't want to continue this talk any more. She stood up, straightened her clothes and began to walk towards where Nelson went.

She decided to wait for Nelson at the garden's entrance.

But the moment she stood up, Rosy seized her arm.

"What?" asked Linda in exasperation.

Rosy took off Linda's mask quickly as Linda was off guard.

She wanted to figure out who Linda was and how could a servant trespass into the garden a

Nalan didn't remarry after his wife's death. He was not close to his godchildren and he didn't tell Devin and Rosy about Linda. No wonder Rosy could only guess in this way.

"Who knows. Grandpa can get anything he wants. Since grandpa had taken her home, maybe she will be our new grandma one day."

"I see..." Rosy said while displaying a smirk.

Luckily for Linda, she didn't hear this nonsense or she would have freaked out.

Meanwhile in the car, Nelson hesitated to ask Linda what happened in the garden.

He didn't expect Linda would meet Lady Rosy and Master Devin in the garden. 'Did they say anything to My Lady?' Nelson thought.

"My Lady. Did Lady Rosy and Master Devin offend you?" Nelson asked.

Linda shook her head and smiled, "No. They were just curious about who I am. Lady Rosy seemed to think that I am a servant."

"They had never seen you and you are wearing servants' winter uniform. No wonder Lady Rosy mistook you for a servant. Never mind, My Lady."

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