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   Chapter 217 A Beautiful Girl in a Beautiful Garden

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"No. But there are several libraries in the neighborhood. My Lady, you can tell me the books that you want. I'll bring the books."

"That's great! But I'd like to go with you. I haven't been out for long. I would love to take a stroll and get some fresh air."

Linda had been staying in the hospital for a month. She felt bored. She was excited to have an opportunity to go out. Reading in the library was Linda's sole amusement in her school days. She gradually developed an affection towards library. She liked the atmosphere of a library very much. Everyone would be reading quietly.

"Yes, My Lady. I'll take you there by the car. Please wait for a second."

Nelson said as he slightly bowed to Linda.

After Nelson left, Linda walked to a stone and sat on it. She felt a little tired. She just looked around. She found the garden beautiful with many varieties of plants and blooming flowers. There were vibrant fishes having fun with each other in a nearby pond. Linda felt positively hopeful: "My face will gradually recover. And everything will be OK soon.

If my face won't recover, then I will take it as a lesson to become stronger..." Linda thought.

Linda was enjoying the long-lost internal peace, as the fragrance of plum blossoms pervaded the air. Then she vaguely heard someone talking nearby.

"Devin, I am so angry. I fancied a Channel purse in a mall yesterday. But father didn't allow me to buy it no matter how I begged him!"

"Rosy, you have already bought six purses and seven pairs of shoes this month. That's why father said "no"."

"Humph, our family is affluent enough to afford several luxury purses. Do you know that the purse is a limited edition one with only five in total all over the world! It's worth the price! What's more, as the Lady of the Nalan clan, if I go out with a limited edition purse, my friends will think Nalan clan is rich and powerful, won't they?"


arden. So Rosy guessed Linda must have come to the garden secretly.

She shouted at Linda, "Hey! Who is your master? How dare you to sit here!"

Linda rolled her eyes up and muttered to herself, "What the hell! Can't they just stay away from me..."

Linda had already fed up with the disrespectful talk Devin and Rosy had about her mother. She didn't like Rosy's shouting either. She looked up at Rosy and said in an unfriendly voice, "None of your business!"

"What? How dare you say that!"

Rosy's cheeks turned red with fury. She ran towards Linda and tried to pull her up, "You. Stand up now! Why are you wearing a mask? Are you afraid of being recognized? This is not the place you can sit! You are just a servant! Wait... Why are there deep scars on your forehead?"

Rosy couldn't help loosening Linda on seeing the scars. She stepped back when she saw half of Linda's face clearly. She was scared.

Devin was also astonished to see there were two deep scars on Linda's forehead.

But the moment he looked into Linda's eyes, he was fascinated.

"What a pair of beautiful limpid eyes!" Devin thought as he couldn't move his sight away from Linda's eyes.

Devin walked closer to Linda.

He awkwardly coughed, "Miss. May I have the honor to know your name?"

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