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   Chapter 216 Still a Stunning Beauty

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"Your face will probably feel itchier for two more weeks. It happens when the wounds are healing. The traditional medicines are working their charm. But never scratch with your hand. You need to bear with it."

"Yes, I understand."

After she removed the gauze, Anna Xu prepared a few large-sized face masks that could totally cover more than half of Linda's face. It helped that her face was small.

Once she wore the face mask, Linda realized she could go out without attracting much attention. The only visible marks are the two scars on her forehead.

But Anna still found the two scars on Linda's forehead unnerving.

Linda put on a face mask, as well as a jacket with a hood. Everything seemed fine.

"My Lady, let me introduce you to the Nalan clan and show you around the mansion!" Nelson Li said.

In the last few days, Nelson Li had been following Lord Nalan on his visits to Linda. Linda has heard Richard Nalan calling him young Nelson. At first, she assumed that he belonged to the Nalan clan and was of her same generation. So she called him Nel.

But she found out later that Nelson was the butler of the Nalan clan. He had always been at Richard's service. Nevertheless, she kept on calling him Nel. For Linda, status was not a big deal.

"Ok, Nel. Sorry to trouble you."

Nelson smiled. He liked Linda even more now. He felt that she was very different from the other ladies of the clan, who were were haughty, temperamental, unruly and obnoxi

tree. Then she leaned her head towards the flowers, lightly inhaling the vibrant scent of the plum blossoms. She went on to take a deep breath and no longer wanted to open her eyes.

Nelson stood nearby. Looking at this beautiful scene that seemed to have walked out of a painting, he couldn't help but freeze. He had seen Linda Xia's photos before.

But the first time he actually encountered her was when he rescued her out of the river that day. The scene of the rescue was extremely brutal, as Linda's face was swollen because the corrosive river water had seeped into her wounds.

A month has passed. He didn't expect her to recover so quickly. At this moment, even though she was standing there covered in a face mask and a hood, and the two scars on her forehead were still clearly showing, her beauty was still penetratingly heart-stirring.

After a long while, Linda finally spoke, "Nel, does the Nalan estate have a place that stores books? I'd like to read something."

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