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   Chapter 215 Back with the Nalan Clan

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Nelson Li's words made Linda Xia understand that Sophia Liu was not an ordinary person.

She indeed looked pretty on the television screen.

"Good, good. She is very good-looking."

Anna Xu couldn't help thinking in her mind, "Oh, if only Lady Linda weren't disfigured! No one knows how well she could recover this time."

Even Dr. Gary Liang could not guarantee the success of the surgery. There was only 50% chance to restore Linda's face to its original perfection.

Anna didn't bring this up in front of Linda, fearing that Linda might lose her faith in the treatment. The treatment had already been very painful. When scabs begin to form over the wounds, they would only become itchier and itchier.

"Linda, I came here today to take you to the Nalan clan's mansion. Why don't you rest at home? Staying in the hospital won't do you any good."

Linda nodded. She was quite bored at the hospital.

Moreover, Linda didn't want to trouble Anna any more. Anna had to stay at the hospital over the night when Linda was not feeling well. It was too much for Anna to handle. Right now she was living with the Nalans, so if Linda moved in there, Anna wouldn't have to travel back and forth.

"It's great that the Lady can live at home. His Lordship's legs aren't what they used to be, so it's still a little inconvenient for him to come by everyday." Nelson Li said, smiling.

Linda finished the porridge. The servants wrapped up

randfather, that won't be necessary. After I take the gauze off my face, I'll go and meet the elders. If I go out now, I'm afraid my appearance would terrify them!"

"My Lady, it's all right. In fact, you can take the gauze off your face. I was just worried that there'd be infections. That's why I changed the gauze everyday. Now a whole month has passed. The scars on your face must have long healed. If you really want to go out, just wear a hat and a face mask. There won't be any problem."

"Ok, then let's take these off. They attract way too much attention."

Removing the gauze is a piece of cake for a doctor like Anna. Therefore, following some simple sterilization, she took off the gauze on Linda's face.

"How's my face?" Linda asked as she saw Anna unwrapping the gauze.

"My Lady, now the scars on your face are receding. Do you feel itchy on your face?"

"Yeah. It was quite itchy. Sometimes I couldn't help wanting to scratch it."

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