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   Chapter 214 Sophia Liu

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"Alright, alright, Anna. I know."

"Doctor Xu, does the herbal medicine have any side effects?" Richard asked.

"Don't worry, there will not be any side effect. If there was, I wouldn't let Lady Linda have it. But there is one particular after-effect that doctor Liang had mentioned: the medicine will somehow change the facial structure. The scar on her face will be gone when we remove the bandage. But Lady Linda might look slightly different from what she used to be."

"Damn it! Will I become ugly? I don't want the medicine anymore then."

"Not in that way, My Lady. It only improves your facial structure and skin conditions. There will be no side effect and you surely won't be ugly. You might become prettier, but in a different way than before."

"What do you mean by a 'different way'?"

"For example, now you do not look exactly like how you were in your childhood, right? But there is still a resemblance between your current appearance and the childhood figure. It is similar, but still different."

Linda understood what Anna was trying to say. She also figured out that whatever she would become after the surgery, it couldn't be worse than her present appearance. Linda once asked Anna to bring her a mirror. She wanted to know what exactly happened to her face.

She remembered the way the knife cut her and left the scar on her face. But she never really had a chance to look at her own face and see how bad it really became.


was not even a threat.

"The jewelry looks pretty. What's the brand?" asked Linda while taking another reluctant gulp of the therapeutic porridge.

The porridge contained several kinds of herbs and Chinese medicines. It really tasted quite nasty. Linda would never have taken the porridge if it hadn't been for her own good.

Linda knew Anna had spent hours everyday to prepare the porridge. She had to take it at least for Anna's sake.

Anna couldn't see Linda's expression since her face was covered with bandage. But she figured out from Linda's calm eyes that Linda didn't feel angry or distressed.

"That's one of the most luxurious brands in Italy. It's called 'T-erc'."

"How luxurious?"

Anna obviously didn't know more about the brand. Nelson answered for her, "The most popular brand in Italy. A bit like the Old Temple Gold or Chow Tai Fook in our country. That she is the advertising ambassador of such a brand shows her popularity even in Italy."

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