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   Chapter 212 The Risky Situation

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Getting into the Mu Group was the first step. Lisa had to do more, or it'd be impossible for her to get closer to the accounting records.

Lisa didn't want to have anything to do with Charles' accounts. But since this was Adam's order, she dared not disobey.

If she stood up against him, no one could know for sure what would happen. Besides, Adam only gave her three packs, which meant she had to endure the pain.

Charles pulled her into his chest before she could react.

She could see the desire in Charles' eyes. He must be exerting a lot of effort to restrain himself. Why didn't he want to sleep with her?

Her stomach would grow bigger and bigger. She didn't know if there would be another chance for her to develop a physical relationship with him.

Lisa had a hunch that Adam wouldn't allow her to give birth to the child without any disturbance. So the October pregnancy was just a daydream.

If Charles found out she was a fraud, she would definitely be eliminated. But the good news was that if the real Linda was gone for good, Charles might let her off and keep her around since she now had the same face as the real Linda.

Lisa betrayed a bitter smile at the thought.

Linda first took her father's love away, then her beloved Charles. Now, she had become the slave of the devil because of her.

Lisa blamed everything on Linda.

"What are you thinking about, honey? D

the sharp knife scratch her face like a piece of plastic was still fresh in her memory. For her, nothing could be worse than that.

Before going through the Chinese medicine treatment, Linda had to wait for the wound to scab over. It was a complicated and difficult process because not only would it be painful, but it would itch a lot. Linda would have a difficult time during this process.

At that time, Linda's diet was carefully regulated by Anna. She had to stay away from food with soybean sauce or ingredients that would worsen her wounds. Linda only ate medicinal porridge to regain her health. But for a foodie like Linda, it was killing her.

Today's drama was a result of that.

Anna usually comes to her room at noon every day, so Linda asked the nurse in secret to order takeout of cola chicken wings. She didn't expect Anna to arrive early today and catch her red-handed. It made Linda feel a little embarrassed.

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