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   Chapter 211 The First Task

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"Yes, Master. I will never betray you." Lisa trembled in fear.

"One more thing, have you spent time with my brother yet?" Adam asked after taking a sip of tea.

"Not yet. I've only spoken with him once. Since I came back, I've been in the home of the Mu Clan and haven't dared come out."

"This should be done as soon as possible, got it? You know what I mean, don't you?" Adam asked seriously after a brief pause.

"Yes, Master. You can set your heart at ease." Lisa said through gritted teeth.

Having said that, Lisa held her stomach. She was four months pregnant. Her stomach already started to grow, but her winter clothes made it unnoticeable. But once she took off her clothes, she could easily give the game away. Lisa was afraid that Charles would discover the truth because the real Linda had only been pregnant for a month.

"All right. Go back early. Don't forget about the accounting records, and don't stall anymore."

When she returned, Lisa mulled over her dilemma for a long time. How could she get the accounting records of the Mu Group? It was tricky because Linda couldn't bring up the topic with Charles. The problem racked her brain.

Finally, Lisa came up with an idea. She had to find a way to get into the Mu Group if she wanted to get the records. She could only get a chance if she was working in t

change her job. Was there something unpleasant at school that he didn't know of? Charles decided to have some men look into it.

"I've already quit." Quitting the school and getting into the Mu Group was actually the first task Adam had assigned her, so she could steal the accounting records. The panic flashed through her eyes.

Lisa hadn't officially resigned from the school. But after meeting with Adam, she realized that instead of being idle, she had to get started now.

Otherwise, Adam would never let her go.

"Alright, honey. You can work wherever you want. Just make sure that you won't strain yourself because you're carrying our baby, okay?" Charles suddenly held her, making Lisa feel a bit uneasy. But she had been longing for such an embrace for a long time.

"Okay, honey!" Lisa replied excitedly.

"Be a good girl and get some rest at home. I'll protect you."

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