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   Chapter 210 Dealing with the Devil

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Bun returned to Linda's room.

Lisa felt a deep sense of satisfaction looking at Bonny's pale face. Every dog has its day. Bonny had helped Linda bully Lisa in the past, but she now had the chance to get back at her.

Lisa couldn't help feeling happy at the thought. The delight on her face was visible, as if she had won the grand prize in the lottery.

"This is just the beginning. It's just a bowl of chicken soup this time. Next time, it won't be so simple!"

"My Lady, Master Brian has arrived and wants to go out for a while. May I go with him?"


Lisa was familiar with the name and knew Brian was both the successor of the Ho Clan and a major general in the army.

Adam had given her an introduction of Brian, so she was familiar with him.

She knew that Brian was in love with Bonny despite his grandfather's disapproval.

The information didn't include the reason behind this.

Lisa wanted to refuse because she didn't want Bonny to marry Brian. In her eyes, Bonny was just a servant. Brian was the eldest Master of the Ho Clan, which was nearly as powerful as the Mu Clan. What's more, Brian was known for his good looks.

Lisa had heard about this before.

But Lisa's phone rang right at this moment.

It was a message from an unknown number. It read, "Second floor, C Building of Dongyang Hotel."


have the chance to go to the company. I'll ask Charles to let me work there soon."

Adam bowed his head and patted Lisa's, "Pets must be docile, understand? You know what you have to do, or else..."

"I know, Master. Please give me one more week."

Adam had ordered her to steal the accounting records of Charles' company within a week, but she indulged in the pleasant life with Charles and hadn't taken action.

"Master, my drugs are running out. Could I please have more?"

Once you've dealt with the devil, you couldn't avoid selling your soul to him.

"Since you've failed your mission, you only get three packs this time. The amount I'll give you next week depends on your performance."

A sinister smile appeared on his face. He had a lot of ways to threaten Lisa, and using drugs was the simplest one. If Lisa didn't obey his orders, he had numerous other ways to make her obedient.

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