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   Chapter 209 Call Me Honey!

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With her energy and focus on making sure that everyone thought that she was Linda, pregnant and all, Lisa had forgotten that Linda was only engaged with Charles. They hadn't had the wedding yet.

They hadn't even applied for the marriage certificate from the Bureau of Civil Affairs.

This made Lisa happy. She stood up from the chair, and even though four months pregnant, she did a little dance.

Bun almost caught her dancing, when she emerged from the Kitchen. Lisa quickly pretended to be stretching.

When she finally sat back down, she noticed Bun holding a bowl in her hand. "My Lady, some chicken soup for you." Bun placed the bowl in front of Lisa and sat down beside her.

Lisa didn't like eating chicken, even when she was a child. She always felt nauseated. She almost gagged at the smell of the steaming chicken soup wafting her way. She glanced at Bun next to her and pushed the bowl towards her. "You drink it." Lisa ordered. "Oh, my Lady, her Ladyship wanted you to build up your health. How can I drink it? Don't you like drinking chicken soup? Just have some."

"Didn't you hear what she said? She told me to drink all of it, and if I can't, you should drink the rest." Bun scratched her head, confused with Linda's behaviour. She remembered Linda always enjoyed the chicken soup that Violet cooked for her. She never once complained about the quantity. But why didn't she want to drink it now? Could being pregnant really change people's disposition so drastically? Bun couldn't help but shake her head, but she had no choice.

She was there to serve Linda and it was disrespectful to question her. Another dilemma faced Bun, how could she drink such a big bowl of chicken soup?

Besides, she had never been a fun of the soup. It always made her quizzy and sick.

As soon as she finished drinking, she rushed to the restroom and began vom

ian's voice trailed off. Bun looked at him and gave him a warm smile, prompting him to continue with his line of thought, "... it's difficult for me to get out. Will you hang out with me?"

Bun hesitated. On the one hand, she hadn't seen Brian for a long time and really wanted to be with him.

On the other hand, she couldn't leave Linda alone.

Seeing her hesitation, Brian asked, "What's wrong?"

"Lady Linda is now pregnant and it's my duty to look after her. I'm afraid that she might be in danger, if I'm not there with her." It hurt Bun deeply to refuse Brian's request. But sometimes matters of the heart take a back sit to one's duty.

"How can she be in danger at home? If she doesn't get out, who can be a threat to her? No one would dare assassinate her here. The villa of the Mu clan is heavily guarded. Please Bonny... I need to be with you." Brian pleaded. He did make sense. Linda was in no danger as long as she stayed within the walls of the Mu Clan compound.

"Well, I'll ask Lady Linda for leave. How about that?" Bun responded after a few seconds of thinking. She wanted to be with Brian.

"Okay, I'll go with you." Brian was giddy like a small schoolboy. He was happy that he was going to spend time with his love.

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