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   Chapter 208 No More Delaying the Wedding

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The room fell silent, each in their own thoughts. Anna's brakes were damaged, which indicated that somebody wanted her to die because of what she knew.

Who the hell would do such an evil thing?

And who was the woman who looked like her?

Linda thought, her mind racing.

This woman was also pregnant, for four months. Is this all a coincidence or is it an elaborate plan?

"My Lady.." While Linda contemplated the situation, Anna looked at her in a daze.

It was hard to read the expression on Linda's face due to the gauze.

"Yes. Oh, sorry. What's wrong, Anna?"

Linda answered.

Anna shook her head, "Nothing. My Lady, I just think… I just feel sorry, seeing you like this."

She looked at Linda with deep concern and couldn't help but cry. As the tears fell on her cheeks, Anna spoke, "My Lady, Master Charles will be grieved if he could saw you like this."

Hearing this, Linda also felt sad. As an old saying went, a woman would doll herself up for him who loved her. Although Linda didn't care too much about her appearance, she still wanted Charles to say she was beautiful. But now…

"Anna, please. I know my situation..." Linda couldn't finish her sentence for fear of joining Anna in crying. But unlike Anna, she felt that breaking down would break her soul. She wasn't going to let Amy win.

"My Lady, when I studied abroad

ss recently, so Linda had been taken to the old house of the Mu clan to be looked after.

Violet went out again to play mahjong with some friends after the conversation.

Although she was happy that Linda was pregnant, she didn't show any delight. She thought she would lose face if she showed too much care for Linda.

After all, she wanted Charles to marry Amy at the beginning, but now he was fixated on marrying Linda.

She had met Linda by accident and didn't like her at all when she saw her the first time.

Although she didn't want to admit it, she had gradually began to get along well with Linda and accepted her as her daughter-in-law.

So much so that she wanted to play mahjong with her friends and tell them that Linda was pregnant.

"Oh, the wedding needs to happen as soon as possible. Your stomach is getting bigger and bigger." Violet said to Linda, before she walked out.

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