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   Chapter 207 Impersonator

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"I hate Amy so much. She needs to get a taste of her own medicine." Linda said aloud, clenching her fists.

"Linda, whatever you need, whatever you want, you name it and I will make sure it is done. Anything." Richard responded, dead set on fulfilling any of Linda's desires.

"Thanks grandfather, but I want to do this myself." Linda said calmly. She wanted to inflict and witness Amy's pain for herself.

"Okay. Whatever you want to do, you have my full support."

"Well, I'm hungry. I would like to eat."

"Okay, I'll tell the chef to prepare a meal." Richard stood up and left Linda to her thoughts.

For the next three days, Linda lived a routine life. She would wake up, receive medical attention and then take a walk in the yard. It was the private hospital of Nalan clan and all doctors here worked for them, so nobody would consider her face covered by gauze, strange.

Linda would read books for two to four hours a day.

This surprised Richard very much. Usually, people in situations such as that of Linda's, would try to commit suicide or get depressed.

However, Linda was positive.

In fact, it was Linda that comforted him with smile when she saw his worry and told him she was alright.

But this made Richard even more worried. Why did such a good girl have to suffer so much?

She was abandoned as soon as she came to this world and then got adopted by Donna Xie. Richard had sent some men to investigate and learned that she had a poor and sad childhood. He felt sorry that he didn't do anything for her when she was young.

As time flew, another week passed. One day, Linda was reading a book, lying on her bed.

Her face wounds became scars, which caused her to start itching. But under doctor's orders, she knew she shouldn't scratch them because they wouldn't heal properly and doing so would make her appearance worse.

So she banished away the feeling and concent

for Linda's situation? Richard was a wise old man, and could think about situations ten steps ahead. This spiked his curiosity.

"But it's true. My Lady, if I didn't see her myself, I wouldn't have believed it either. However, when I performed a medical check-up, I discovered a few discrepancies that made me think that it wasn't you but an imposter. Her physical condition and attributes are different from yours. So I got suspicious. My lady, I remember there is a black mole on your arm..." Anna's voice trailed off.

"Yes." Linda stretched out her hand and there it was a black mole under her arm. Many people didn't know this for the mole was on the inner side of the arm.

Anna continued, "What's more, she has been pregnant for four months while you have been pregnant for only one month. Bun brought your medical report confirming my suspicions that that woman was pretending to be you."

"So what did Bun say?"

Anna shook her head with a bitter smile, "Before I could tell her and Master Charles, somebody tried to kill me. When I drove back home last night, my brakes failed.

I think now she knows that I know, and I fear for my life as well as yours. We may be in danger." Anna averted her eyes, fighting back tears that she had tried to will away.

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