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   Chapter 206 Richard's Promise

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It had been a long time since the name Sherry Nalan was brought up. It seemed that people had unknowingly forgotten about her and her story.

But deep down, the story was still clear and fresh in her mind. After May Shen was jailed, Lisa disappeared. The two events seemed to have a connection. The Xia clan almost fell apart as a result.

Johnson Xia sometimes spoke of Sherry to Linda. But truth be told, she had no memory of her because when she was born, she was separated from Sherry until she grew up.

Some would say that Sherry died of a broken heart because of this. Because she lost the me.

Her mouth twitched as thoughts run though her mind. This made her face ache so much that she subconsciously caressed her cheeks heavily bandaged by thick gauze.

Richard looked at Linda with a pang of sadness enveloping his heart. He sat by the bed and clenched her hand. "You must have gone through so much, my dear. I promise when you return to our family, no one will ever hurt you."

"Thank you. But when will I recover? Soon?"

Linda asked seriously, retreating her hands from his.

"Tell me the truth. Is my face ever going to recover to the way it was?"

Richard was caught in a rock and a hard place. There was no way he couldn't tell her the truth. "Yes, Linda, you had over ten knife wounds on your face. And every wound was deep, so it's difficult to tell. The doctors aren't sure if the wounds will heal properly. They aren't sure that you will be able to retain your facial structure the way it was."

"Difficult? What do you mean? If there aren't sure, does that mean that there is still hope?

I don't care about how I will look, just whether I will be able to live..."

Linda's h

.. "Linda was getting visibly upset.

"Linda, there's no point of getting upset over this. You should focus on recuperation. I will do all I can to make sure that your face is fixed. I can't promise you that it will be healed as it was but I'll try my best to find the best, okay?"

Richard moved her with his words.

All of sudden, Linda remembered. She reached out to touch her belly. She was pregnant and she wasn't sure if she had had a miscarriage.

Was her child still alive? She looked up at Nalan and almost instinctively, he responded to her internal torment.

"You can rest easy. The baby is alive and kicking. My grandson is a fighter. I will... no, I must protect him in every possible way."

"A son... Oh, Thank you, grandpa." Linda hadn't known the sex of the baby, but she was glad to hear it was a boy. Whether a boy or a girl, she didn't care. As long as they were healthy and alive.

Rubbing at her belly, she murmured to her unborn son, "Just like your grandpa, I promise not to let anything happen to you. Mama loves you." Tears welled up in her eyes. She hated Amy even more for putting her in this position.

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