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   Chapter 205 The Nalan Clan

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When Lord Nalan heard that Linda was summoned for the marriage alliance, he was determined to take her back. How could he see his dear granddaughter become a pawn in a marriage? He simply wouldn't allow it.

Back then, Sherry Nalan was in love with Johnson Xia, so he arranged for their marriage. He wouldn't have agreed to the marriage otherwise.

Lord Nalan found out through his investigation that Linda and Charles Mu were truly in love, and Charles had been good to Linda. He chose to keep his relationship with Linda in the dark and prayed for them in secret.

But the other day, Lord Nalan received an anonymous letter saying that the Mu Clan was plotting to kill Linda.

Lord Nalan went to the location out of caution, but he didn't expect to end up saving Linda. Lord Nalan was furious. He had never anticipated that Linda was truly exposed to danger. To make things worse, she seemed to have been brutally maltreated. The scratches on her face broke his heart.

She used to be a gorgeous woman but her face was now had over ten scratches from a knife. How brutal Charles Mu was to go this far.

He had been furious at first, but he had relaxed now. As a well-connected man, he wondered who had sent him the news.

Why would they force Linda to a dead end?

Was the romance a lie? Lord Nalan was willing to believe that Charles Mu loved Linda.

It didn't make sense.

Everything was a mystery until Li

are but luckily, she was awake now. As she was about to move, she felt overwhelmed with pain, as if her body was about to explode.

As her mouth twitched, her face hurt. She involuntarily touched her cheeks, only to find that they were wrapped by a thick gauze.

What happened to her? Where was she exactly?

Her memory slowly came back. She remembered Amy scratching her face ten times.

"Can you hear me, Linda? How are you feeling? Is there anything wrong?"

The voice sounded strange but particularly powerful.

Linda raised her head and caught a clear view of the man before her. He was a grey-haired man with a crutch. Linda was certain she had never seen him before.

"Who are you?"

I'm your grandpa."

"Grandpa?" Linda's mind went momentarily blank.

"Yes. Your biological mother was Sherry Nalan. I'm her father and your grandpa, Richard Nalan."

Sherry Nalan sounded too familiar to Linda. She got lost in confusion.

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