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   Chapter 204 Choosing between the Mother and the Child

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"Yes, father. I'll put it on later." Lisa called James Mu "father" tentatively. She had no idea what Linda used to call him.

James simply nodded and made no other response, So it was a correct guess. Linda did call James "father."

Although Charles really wanted to keep Linda company at home, he had been trapped in a heavy work schedule recently.

After helping Linda settle down, he had to go back to the company for endless and exhausting meetings.

Afraid of being found out, Lisa dared not distract him. She quietly enjoyed the privilege and happiness of being "Lady Mu, " and half a month passed by quickly.

Pain. In the darkness, pain seemed to be the only sensation Linda knew. It was so horrifically painful that her body was trembling.

She didn't know how to cope with it.

She could still hear Amy Qi's voice.

"Linda Xia, why did you appear in Charles' life? If it weren't for you, I would have married him. Did you know that?"

"I hate you, bitch. Go to hell and stay there forever!"

Every word she said kept haunting Linda relentlessly.

In the exclusive hospital of the Nalan Clan in SH City.

"How's Linda now? Why is she still in coma? It's been two days already."

In the doctor's office, a grey-haired old man in seemingly in good health was speaking. He looked far from pleased.

"My Lord, we've been trying every possible treatment. But the wounds on Lady Nalan's face and other parts

e couldn't imagine who on earth would do this to her.

How deeply was she hated?

According to Lord Nalan, Linda had been underwater for over 30 seconds before she was rescued.

If the rescue came 10 or 20 seconds later, Linda might have passed out underwater, which could have led to a fatal flow of water from her nose to her lungs.

Fortunately, Linda was a good swimmer. She unconscionably held breath underwater, giving her a slim chance of survival.

The situation was still not promising, especially now that she was pregnant.

After Doctor Wang left Lord Nalan alone in the lounge, he got lost in his thoughts.

He never thought about disturbing Linda from her peaceful life, Though he really wanted to bring her home when the Mu Clan planned to arrange for her marriage.

When Sherry died and Linda went missing that year, Lord Narang was so upset that he cut himself off from the Xia Clan.

Of course, it was all in the past...

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