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   Chapter 203 Where's the Dragon Ring

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Lisa swore she's never seen Charles Mu so gentle, and her head went blank all of a sudden. She simply stared at Charles, thinking that she used to be the woman of his dreams. Lisa once swore that she'd marry someone like Charles, only Charles never gave her any of his attention.

"What's wrong, Linda? Still not feeling well? Why are you so quiet?"

Seeing Lisa staring straight at him in silence, Charles knew that she still wasn't feeling well. He quickly laid down the food container and sat by Lisa, holding her hand.

"No. I'm fine now, Young Master Mu."

Hearing the way Lisa called him, Charles was visibly stunned, but he soon smiled back and caressed her forehead, "What's the matter with you, honey? Why are you calling me that way?"

Lisa snapped out of her daze and thought, "Linda would definitely call him 'Charles, ' not 'Young Master Mu.' Otherwise, he wouldn't react this way."

But what would Linda usually call Charles? Lisa had thoroughly read all the files on Charles and Linda, except this one detail. How come she didn't know what Linda called Charles?

She decided to sound out his reaction, "Honey."

"There, you're finally calling me 'honey' now. I thought you forgot that I'm your husband. Every time, I just call you 'honey' or 'sweetheart.'" Suddenly Charles wrapped his arm around Lisa, holding her tight to his chest.

Lisa's mind had been restless for a while now, but her jealousy had also been building up. She had never seen Charles like this before. He was always cold towards other people, why was he so tender and kind to Linda?

"Quickly, eat something. You little glutton didn't have anything this whole afternoon. You must be starving!"

Charles let go of Lisa and took out some dishes from the container beside him, spreading them out on the table

o became somewhat upset. He only came to the school's winter camp because Linda was going to be here. He wanted to have a chance to be with her. But Robert has lost all interest now, so he bid goodbye to the principal and left for SH early.

As soon as they got home, Charles told Violet Xing and James Mu the good news.

Violet and James went out of their way later that night to check up on Lisa, much to her surprise. She didn't expect Linda to be treated so well by the Mus. They really considered her as a daughter-in-law.

"Linda, where's your dragon ring? Why aren't you wearing it on your hand?" James asked, noticing that her hand was bare when he glanced at it.

Lisa panicked. What dragon ring? She suddenly remembered the ring that Linda always wore on her finger.

Lisa tried to keep calm and steady, "I was afraid that I might lose it at the winter camp, so I left it at home instead."

"You must put it back on. You're pregnant now, so you should take good care of yourself. You can't always rely on Bun. What if Bun wasn't there? Generally, there will always be bad people waiting to harm you. You need to guard yourself with the dragon ring. It might protect you from danger."

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