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   Chapter 202 Happy Charles Meets the New Linda

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"Young Master, will you go by yourself or ...?" asked Paul.

Charles knew what's in his mind. He must be missing Bun.

It has been more than half a month since Bun refused his proposal. During these days, they haven't met each other. Previously, they used to talk to each other often.

But now what's between them was only embarrassment.

Charles found no way to settle this. Both of them were his close aides.

But he knew that Paul would love her always. Bun was his only pursuit.

"I'm going there by myself. It's just two hours to drive." said Charles, casting a glance at Paul.

"You must be tired after cooking the meals. Let me drive for you!" Paul hesitated a little and tried to seize the opportunity.

Charles was amused. Was it so hard to say it aloud that he wanted to see Bun?

Charles shook his head in resignation and patted Paul on his shoulder. "Paul, let her go. Don't waste too much time on her. I don't think it is hard for you, the product manager of Mu Group, to find a girlfriend."


They got there within two hours because Paul drove fast.

Charles got off the car and the sight of the dilapidated hospital made him frown. How could his beloved wife stay here? He desperately wanted to take her back home.

Lisa was lying on her bed with her eyes closed. She was wondering how she could hide her identity from Charles, who's really smart. He should never ever discover the truth. Otherwise, she would suffer a lot. When it's needed, Charles could be ten times crueler than Adam.

All of a sudden, the door was open.

Charles came in, With a big smile on his chiseled face.

"Honey, you must be hungry! I have brought you the dishes you like. Have a look!"

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