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   Chapter 201 What's More Important

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Bun wanted to buy mineral water. She went around the hospital, and all they have is boiled water. She found no bottled mineral water and so she went on searching for a convenience store.

But it turned out to be a very remote place. She could not find a convenience store.

Bun felt helpless: "Where the hell is here? Isn't it near SH city? Why is a convenience store so hard to find?"

It didn't make sense!

Bun then ran back to the camp for some mineral water. Fortunately, Mu Group had made sufficient arrangements for this winter camp, including dozens of bottles of mineral water.

Taking two bottles, Bun walked back to the hospital. "Linda" might have to stay there for a night and wait for Charles to pick her up tomorrow morning.

Bun arrived at the ward

And walked quietly into the room, taking care to not wake up Linda.

She knew Linda had been exhausted lately and saw sometimes Linda mumbling something in sleep.

What she saw in the room shocked her.

Inside the room, Linda was holding Robert's hands.

Lisa was also startled when Bun entered suddenly.

She knew there was no convenience store nearby. That's why she sent Bun to get her some water. She didn't expect her to come back so quickly.

"Why are you here? Did you get the water?" scolded Lisa.

Bun then handed her the water bottles. "Yes, my lady. Here you are."

Bun had kept Linda's preference in mind and took back what Linda would ask for.

"What brand is this?" I haven't seen

ng to take the meal there and then take her back home."

Charles was in a good mood. The news of pregnancy lifted him to cloud nine.

He even felt that this news was better than any other news, even better than the triumphant feeling when he made a billion dollars for the company.

He's going to have a baby

With his beloved girl. Nothing could be better.

"Okay, Young Master. I'm going to get them ready."

Paul rapidly arranged for everything Charles needed. Charles carefully studied the recipes and cooked the meal for the first time in his life.

Then he carefully packed the meal.

Seeing his tenderness, Paul could not help sigh. "I have never seen this side of Young Master before."

He must be madly in love with her."

Somehow, Paul thought of Bun, who was the only girl he cared about. But, what a pity, he knew they would never go back to the way things were. All he could do was to silently take care of her and wish her good luck in finding her happiness.

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