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   Chapter 200 I Call You Bobby

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All of sudden, Linda's heart beat quickly for a moment. She had an idea.

"I want some water. Go and get me some, Bun." Lida said coldly.

After sending Bun out, she decided to send the teacher off too with some excuse. She wanted to have some time with Robert Huo alone.

She didn't forget the task Adam Huo had assigned her. But her top priority now was to court and serve Robert Huo.

She found Robert Huo hot. She didn't even mind having a sexual relationship with him.

"So it must be done."

This was Adam Huo's order. She knew what would happen to her if she failed.

Lisa Xia thought about the child in her stomach who would be four months old now. If she sleeps with Robert Huo, the baby may get out of harm.

But if she waited for too long, her belly would began to bulge and no plan would work.

She couldn't afford to lose the baby as she still relied on it to win over Charles Mu.

She was clear that she could win Charles Mu's heart now; only because she had Linda's face. But one day or another he would sense the different personality in her and stop loving her.

Bun went out to buy water.

Only Zoe Tang and Robert Huo remained in the room.

Zoe Tang was confused when she saw Linda. She was told Linda would leave the school today. The woman wasn't supposed to be here.

Zoe Tang was startled when Linda came in. He never thought Linda would be here. He was expecting there would be the news about Linda's disappearance. Bum would get an

wyer suggested marriage alliance with the first daughter of Xia clan. Robert Huo had heard about it, But he didn't pay much attention to it because he was unaware that the first daughter who had been missing for years turned out to be the girl he loved, the fellow student during the college time.

So he had asked Linda whether she was forced to marry Charles Mu due to some painful secrets and whether she met any difficulties. If it was because of money, he as the eldest son of Huo Group could solve it.

But his speculation was refuted by Linda directly. Worse, she got mad. That was why Robert Huo never brought it up again.

"So you don't want to marry him, do you?"

"No, not at all!" said Linda, with tears rolling down her cheeks. The tears as a strong demonstration of her grievance touched Robert Huo' heart.

But her grievance was not caused by Charles Mu, but by Adam Huo. She had gone through inhumane suffering and abuse from Adam Huo. Her tears seemed real.

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