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   Chapter 199 Wife Swap

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In surprise, Bun answered, "I'm sorry, My Lady. I went for lunch and I only left for ten minutes."

"What's more important? My safety or your lunch? I was in a coma and you decide to go for lunch. How delinquent can you be as a servant?"

Bun thought that her reactions were due to stress. She tried to comfort her, "I'm sorry, My Lady. I promise I will remain by your side from now on."

As Bun made compromise to court her, she was exalted.

Lisa remembered that when she would visit the Mu's villa, she was always thrown out by Bun. So as far as she was concerned, Bun was nothing but Linda's servile follower, even worse than her.

"I'm hungry. Now get me some food!"

"What do you want to eat, My lady?" asked Bun with a smile.

"I want to eat steamed hairtail, stewed meatball in brown sauce, a salad and pinenut salmon."

Lisa uttered all her favorite dishes that she never got to taste when she was imprisoned by Adam. She was craving for them.

Bun was startled by her list. "My Lady, I'm afraid those dishes aren't available here. How about we get them after we get back to Shanghai? As of now we are in a remote place, where the selection is limited. On the top of that, the greasy food is no good for your health. You are recuperating after all."

"Excuse me! What? Didn't you hear what I told you? Do as I say, and go get the meals for me." Lisa couldn't believe the way Bun was talking to her.

"Yes, My Lady. Have a good rest." Bun had no alternative but to follow her order. She couldn't figure out why "Linda" was so moody all of sudden. She had be

food. You can set your heart at ease."

"Young Master Mu..."

Lisa Xia was excited to hear the name.

"Oh yes. Young Master Mu said that since you're pregnant, It's better to quit the winter camp. The baby is the most important thing. Young Master Mu will come here to pick you up tomorrow."

Lisa beamed with joy.

Young Master Mu was going to pick her up in person.

She would finally have what she had always wanted, and Linda would now became Adam's pet. She knew how cruel he was. A mere thought of him filled Lisa with coldness.

Just then, Amber and Robert walked into the room. Robert ran to her side, "How are you feeling, Linda? Are you feeling better?"

He had to make sure that she was okay. Plus he still loved her, even though he knew that she was pregnant and that she was going to get married. He just couldn't let her go.

Lisa looked Robert up and down. He was cute and graceful. He was her type and he had a soft voice. There was a world of difference between him and Charles. Wild thoughts began to run in her mind.

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