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   Chapter 198 Doppelganger- Is Linda Xia dead

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Amy walked towards Linda, slowly with the knife in hand, and the Linda could do nothing but watch as the sharp edge of the blade glinted under the high-voltage lights.

"Amy, are you fucking mad?" Linda's voice was shaking with fear.

"Ha! So you can curse? I thought you are too perfect to utter such words. Yes, I'm fucking mad, as you rightfully put it. Linda Xia, today, you will lose the one thing that Charles loved about you. Then he'll be all mine. Don't you think that that's a good plan?"

As Amy got closer, Linda struggled desperately to loosen the ropes that bound her to the pillar.

She didn't want that knife anywhere near her face.

"Are you scared yet?" Amy taunted.

"What the hell do you want from me?" Linda tried to buy some time.

"What do I want? I want your pretty face scared. That's what I want." Amy held the knife in one hand and squeezed Linda's neck with the other. Linda struggled to breathe.

Linda fidgetted, until she was able to bite Amy's hand. Amy immediately withdrew her hand. She had started to bleed.

Amy glared at Linda, while she winced in pain.

Her rage boiled until it tipped her off the edge. She raised her hand and slashed Linda's face with the knife.

Linda screamed out in pain.

Her body slumped forward, as the shock of the attack on her face took hold of her.

had done this to her.

Why me? Linda muttered as the sack filled with water.

With her last breath, Linda's life flashed before her eyes. If there was an afterlife, she would make Amy pay dearly for what she had done to her.

Bun, Amber and Robert hurried back to the ward after they finished supper. She was still in a coma and they were very worried for her. Bun walked in by herself.

Seeing her awake, Bun was surprised but happy nonetheless.

"My Lady, you are awake. How do you feel?"

Bun asked with delight on her face.

However, she didn't know this woman wasn't Linda anymore. They looked exactly the same and even Bun couldn't tell the difference. Lisa had managed to take Linda's place.

"Where have you been? Why weren't you by my side when I woke up? Don't you know that your duty is to protect me? What if something happened to me?"

Lisa spoke rather harshly.

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