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   Chapter 197 Amy's Obsession.

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Amy was irritated to see that Linda was still calm, despite the situation that she was in. She expected to see fear and hear Linda begging. Isn't this woman scared? Amy thought to herself.

Linda feigned calmness on the outside, but she was frightened on the inside. But she knew it was useless being frightened, as it would only give Amy more ammunition to taunt her. Linda was not going to give Amy that kind of power.

To keep her mind away from the fear that was gripping her insides, Linda asked.

"How did you get me here?" She was blindfolded, so she wasn't sure exactly where she was.

"You would like to know, wouldn't you?" Amy laughed, sardonically.

Linda rolled her eyes in the blindfold and said nothing. Linda sensed that Amy liked to play games, so she decided not to waste her energy speaking to her.

Soon after, Amy became bored, "Humph, Are you giving up so soon? Don't you want to know how you got here?"

"There's no point in playing this game. I know you won't tell me. I don't care. I won't be here much longer anyway."

Amy burst out laughing after Linda finished speaking.

"Linda Xia, do you t

retty face!"

Amy said, wielding herself with a sharp knife. Linda looked unmoved and this aggravated Amy further.

"It seems that you don't want to speak. Are you scared?

No one knows where you are. No one is coming to save you. How about kneeling down to me and begging me to let you go? I might free you." Linda just stared at Amy, as she dangled the knife in front of her face. "Why did Charles give this dragon ring to you, hmm? You don't deserve it!"

Linda didn't say anything. She thought Amy was crazy and it was useless to reason with an insane woman.

The only thing she could do was wait for Charles and Bunny to save her.

Linda didn't know what Amy would do to her. But it was clear that Amy wasn't going to let go of her easily.

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