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   Chapter 196 Why does Charles like you so much

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"Where is she?" Amy asked, taking her hat off to reveal her delicate face.

"She's in the car now."


Master Adam asked me to remind you to get everything ready within seven days or..."

At those words, Amy couldn't help trembling. It cost her a lot to kidnap Linda. Although Adam Huo promised her he would plot to separate Charles from Linda, She couldn't wait to get her revenge on Linda in person. She kept thinking how Linda caused her so much misery.

To get Linda, she secretly gave half of the Qi Group's money to Adam Huo.

If her father knew what she did, he get extremely furious and berate her for going against filial duties.

The business property of the Qi Group was equally divided into three, belonging to Lord Qi, Amanda Zhang, and Amy.

It was easy for Amy to steal her mother's key to get her mother's share of the money.

Linda felt a sharp headache when she woke up. Every joint in her body was sore.

She couldn't see anything because her eyes were covered by a strip of cloth. "What happened?

Have I been kidnapped again?" Linda thought in disbelief.

She knew Bunny would never betray her. The only explanation was either Bunny was in danger too, or got di

g me, I will kill you!" Anger distorted Amy's face. She had initially planned to disfigure Linda before smuggling her to a brothel abroad.

But Linda irritated her so much that she wanted to kill her in that moment.

Linda sneered, "You'd better kill me this time, or I'll make you feel the pain I suffered today a hundred times worse in the future!"

"Are you threatening me? Don't forget your situation. I'm in control now!" Amy mocked, thinking Linda was being ridiculous.

She approached Linda and nipped her cheeks hard, "What a lovely face."

"What do you want to do?" Although Linda couldn't see Amy's expression, She guessed Amy must be glaring at her, like a serpent staring at its prey and planing how to swallow it.

"Why are you so pretty? Why does Charles like you so much? Why?"

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