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   Chapter 195 Half of the Family Property

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Bun thought carefully about Amber's suggestion and finally agreed to have dinner with them first.

Linda hadn't woken up yet. But Bun reassured herself that she should be safe in the hospital, as there were surveillance cameras everywhere.

Robert walked in and fixed his eyes on Linda, who was sleeping peacefully. Delight and anguish warred on his face.

In truth, he really wanted to stay and watch over Linda, but he couldn't make himself say it. Forget it, He would care for her as a little sister from now on.

Robert told Bun, "Miss Lu, go have dinner with us. We can come back early. Don't worry, Linda will be fine. This is hospital, after all."

Bun nodded and accompanied them to a nearby canteen.

On the way to the canteen, Robert lagged behind the two girls. Amber turned around and reminded him, "Mr. Huo, hurry up, or we might miss the canteen hours. We're not in SH city..."

Robert nodded and strode to keep up with them.

As they left the hospital, Amber secretly took out her phone again to send another message to the same unidentified number.

"Left. Will be back in 10 minutes."

Then she left for dinner with them.

Bun wasn't in the mood for food. She only planned to stuff herself with something then go back to look after Linda.

At the parking lot of the hospital, There was an ordinary grey van parked.

"Are you ready?" The voice was tender and angelic, exactly the kind that made people feel warm and calm.

"Yes, Master."

"Good." Adam Huo nodded slightly, his lips curving into a gentle but cruel smile.

"You understand what you're supposed to do around Charles Mu, do

lled away and left the hospital quietly.

Inside, Adam gazed at Linda, who was still sound asleep. He couldn't help caressing her face.

"Look at you. You are so much more beautiful than your little sister. Such a pity..."

The van went pulled up at a deserted dock, Where Linda was carried out of the van. She was blindfolded and gagged, with hands tied behind her back.

About 10 minutes later, a nondescript black sedan stopped before them. A woman walked out of the car.

If Linda were awake, she would be shocked.

It was Amy Qi, who was currently supposed to be in England. Why was she here?

Adam didn't make his presence known. He watched Amy approach from inside the van.

He could've kept Linda as his new toy, but Amy insisted in trading half of her family's property in exchange for her. It was a good deal, so he agreed.

Adam shook his head. Women could be incredibly disturbing at times...

He knew for certain that Linda would be tortured or even be murdered by Amy. But why should he care?

After all. She belonged to the man Adam hated the most.

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