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   Chapter 194 Fifty Meters

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After all, they were unfamiliar with this mountain region. Besides, Amber seemed willing to help and had been friendly to them these past few days. Bun agreed, "Thank you, Mrs. Tang."

"Let's go!" At Bun's assent, Amber smiled and told Robert, "Mr. Huo, maybe you should stay here. If we all go, too many teachers will be absent."

"No way." Robert sternly refused.

How could he stop worrying about Linda after seeing her pale face?

Amber suddenly got impatient, "You don't understand. You're a man, it's improper that you take care of Linda."

"Mrs. Tang, I just want to accompany you. Is that a problem?" Amber saw the dark look on Robert's face. Although the man was usually gentle, he was polite only to the people he liked.

He suddenly felt hostile towards Amber.

Lilian told her that Robert was the Master of the Huo Clan, so Amber didn't dare offend him. Seeing he was getting angry, she gave in, "As you wish."

Amber was worried because more people meant more trouble.

While nobody was paying her any attention, she took out her phone and sent a message to an unregistered number.

"There's been an accident. Master Huo is coming with us."

She received an immediately reply, "It doesn't matter. Just go and do as I told you."

Amber relaxed at the response. If the plan failed, it wouldn't be her fault. But if it worked, she would earn a nice bonus.

Amber always believed that opport

ous for a long time.

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, Amber came in and told Bun, "She won't wake up soon. Let's have supper. Man is iron and rice is steel. I'm really hungry now."

Bun shook her head. She wanted to wait for Linda to wake up, "You go first. I'm not hungry."

Amber wasn't happy to hear this, "You haven't eaten anything the whole day. How can you not be starving? Miss Lu, don't push yourself too hard. If you get ill when Linda wakes up, who will look after her?"

Although Bun thought her suggestion was reasonable, she refused and insisted on keeping Linda company.

Amber urged, "The canteen in the hospital yard is only fifty meters away. Don't starve yourself. If Miss Xia wakes up later and sees that you're not taking care of yourself, she won't be pleased."

"A distance of fifty meters should be fine." Bun thought to herself.

Indeed, she hadn't eaten anything the whole day, and she was really hungry now.

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