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   Chapter 193 Linda Fainted

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The three teams were arranged, with Linda in the middle, Bun on the left and Robert on the right.

The senior teacher in charge of the winter camp asked with smile, "Everyone, are you ready?"

The teachers answered in unison, "Ready!"

"Come on Linda, should I go easy on you?" Robert asked with a smirk on his face, which made Linda laugh. She squinted at the bright sun and said, "Don't underestimate me. You'll be eating my dust soon."

Bun chuckled too. "Robert, don't be overconfident. If you lose to any of us, your ego will be ruined."

The three were close together, so their conversation could not heard by other teachers, who thought they were just chatting.

Robert smiled at Bun's taunt, "I can't compete with you Bun, you are an army colonel, and I'm just an ordinary man." They all laughed.

The competition was about to begin after two whistles. Linda, Robert and Bun stopped talking and got ready in the last minute.

Linda warmed up a little.

She stood in front of her team, in her yellow team t-shirt. Her stunning beauty drew everyone's attention.

Most students gawked at her and thought she was as beautiful as a fairy.

With one whistle and one gunshot, Linda sprinted, but felt tired just after she started. Before she finished 100 meters, she began to feel nauseated and dizzy.

However, she still tried to finish the competition because she thought the reason for her fat

bag. Linda climbed on Bun's back. Bun braced herself to start running

But Robert stopped her.

"Bun, let me do this. After all, you are just girl."

Bun dodged his hand and refused, "Thank you, but I can do it myself. We both know that what I am capable of."

"Bun, with all due respect, let a man do this."

"I'm okay Robert. Take care of the children and I will take Miss Xia to the hospital. Don't make a fuss." Bun looked at Robert, and he knew what she meant. He took the hint and stepped back.

Soon after, Bun began running with Linda on her back.

Robert was still worried and feared that they would run into trouble, although his concerns were misplaced. Bun was more than capable of taking care of Linda, she was an army colonel. But Robert just wanted to make sure. So, he notified the other teachers.

"Wait a moment. I have been here before and are familiar with this place. Let me guide you there." Amber added.

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