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   Chapter 192 The Relay Race

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Linda was quiet throughout the journey.

On the one hand, she was engaged and going to marry Charles. He was the love of her life, so she didn't want to get close to other men, especially Robert.

On the other hand, since she didn't sleep well last night, Linda was drowsy. She leaned her head against the window and soon, fell asleep.

When she woke up, she found a coat covering her.

Groggy from waking up, she was confused as to who's jacket it was.

When her mind cleared up, she remembered seeing Robert wearing the coat when he greeted them that morning.


Linda turned to Robert and called him in a soft voice. Then, she took off the coat and held it in her hand. She planned to give it back to him.

Robert turned to her and smiled, "It's okay. There is a slight chill in the air. Keep yourself warm with it.

I'm fine." Linda just looked at him.

"Don't get me wrong. I just don't want you to catch cold." Robert continued speaking when he saw that Linda was still quiet and her arm stretched out to give him the coat.

Linda had no other option, so she folded the coat neatly and placed it on her lap. She instantly regretted why she didn't sit with Bun.

She remained silent, as the coach trudged on.

Her mind wandered to Charles and she began to worry. She wondered why Charles didn't answer her phone call and why he did not come home.

On top of that, she wondered why he didn't come to say goodbye to her. Did something happen? Linda thought, immediately shaking her head to banish away the thought.


rning in college. But she hadn't jogged for a long time since she graduated, because she couldn't get up early.

So Linda regarded the race as a chance to get some exercise.

Everyone broke up into groups to warm-up. The expressions on their faces were serious. Linda walked up to Bun and asked, "Why are we running instead of getting our rooms, unpacking and then undertaking the activity?"

"My Lady, this is how rooms are being assigned. Didn't Director Li tell you?" Linda looked at Bun quizzically.

Linda now understood why everyone was taking this seriously. The outcomes of the race would determine which room you were assigned to, and who you would spend time with as roommates for the next 2 weeks.

After warming up, everyone swapped their clothes for team uniforms in different colors.

Linda was in the yellow team, Bun was in the blue team and Robert was in the green team.

Linda and John were in the same team. Linda was in charge of the first baton and John was in charge of the second baton for their team.

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