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   Chapter 190 The Nightmare

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A confident smile took over Adam's face. He wasn't concerned with Linda's disobedience if he kidnapped her.

He had a million different ways to make Linda comply. Lisa wasn't willing to take his orders at first, but now she has become so subservient that Adam was able to do whatever he wanted with her.

Greatly pleased with himself, Adam grinned in satisfaction.

"Master, can I ask you a favor?" Lisa was fearful and cautious. She kept observing Adam's expressions, afraid that he'd suddenly become angry.

"What is it?" Adam was in a good enough mood. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"Once we catch Linda this time, what would the master do with her?"

"What does my little pet want her master to do?" Ignoring Lisa's question, he directed the inquiry back at her.

"I want to carve a cross on her face and chop her up into a million pieces!" she spat vehemently. Lisa didn't hide anything from Adam, since it would be pointless.

Adam knew about all this. Lisa hated Linda's guts. "Let me consider this request. There's still a week's time. Let's see how you behave, my little pet..."

Adam chuckled. Although his voice was extremely pleasant and tender, it couldn't be more bone-chilling to Lisa.

At the moment, Adam treated Lisa like a slave who had neither dignity nor any rights.

She touched her belly, feeling the child inside. The pregnancy has not yet advanced, so her belly only swelled a bit and could be easily concealed under her clothes.

This child was Adam's gift to Charles Mu.

In the future, this child would become the Mu Clan's eldest grandson.

The door slammed shut once more. The sound resonated in the dark room.

Lisa crawled on the ground, tears rolling down her cheeks. After a whi

stay asleep. She had a terrifying nightmare that she couldn't understand.

She screamed in the middle of the night, waking up Bun who was standing guard outside. Bun immediately darted in.

"My Lady, what happened?"

Linda's face was covered in a cold sweat. Waking up from the dream gave her a headache. But the nightmare was so vivid, that thinking about it horrified her.

Linda shook her head and said, "It's all right. I just had a bad dream."

Bun saw that Linda didn't look well, so she asked, "What dream frightened you so much? Is it because the Young Master isn't back yet? Is that why you're not sleeping well?"

"I'm not sure what kind of dream it was. I dreamt of the old mansion, and that when I was about to play with my sister, a giant spider suddenly appeared. It kept circling over the roof..."

Linda had always been afraid of spiders, and had no idea why they'd come up in her dream.

"Then what happened?" Bun felt puzzled as she listened to Linda, "Why did you suddenly dream of a spider?"

Unable to figure it out, Linda shook her head and said, "I don't know why I dreamt it either. I'm actually pretty scared of it."

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