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   Chapter 189 Plans in Motion

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As soon as the teacher finished talking, Robert dropped his pen and left the office, which confused the crowd of teachers that had gathered.

They began murmuring, trying to figure out why Robert reacted the way he did.

Robert headed straight to the principal's office. Upon seeing Robert, the principal was very surprised.

"Young Master Huo... Apologies, I mean Mr. Huo. Why are you here? How can I help you?"

At the school, Robert also concealed his identity. Only a few senior figures in school knew him as the heir of the Huo's clan.

"I'd like to go to the school's winter camp this year, principal. Could you please reserve a place for me?"

The principal was stunned, "Umm, what happened Mr. Huo? Why the sudden interest?"

"Nothing in particular. I just want to give it a try. I've never been to something like it. Will arranging this be a problem for you? I can cover all the costs as needed."

The principal hastily waved his hand, "Mr. Huo, the funds for our school's winter camp have always been paid by the Mu' clan. If you'd like to set up something like that, we can ask the teachers responsible to plan another similar activity. You don't need to worry about the winter camp this time around."

"Ok, then. Please help me reserve a spot." Robert said. "Yes, sure. No problem." The Principal assured him. Robert gave a quick smile and turned to leave the office.

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a person. motivate them even.

Adam loved Lisa's face which was an exact copy of Linda's, angelic in more ways than one.

Facing Lisa, Adam felt as if he were looking at the Charles' love. No one else got to appreciate this kind of pleasure.

No one but him! Only those who hated Charles with an absolute passion could ever understand. "Do you resent him?"

Lisa shook her head and smiled, answering sycophantically, "Of course not, I will do whatever the master says."

"Really?" Adam chuckled in response.

Lisa seemed to know the game well. She did not need Adam to explain everything to understand what he meant.

The plans were moving forward steadily. Adam was enjoying the service provided by Lisa while imagining how it'd feel to have the real Linda Xia serve him like this.

But this imaginary scenario would come true very soon.

His plans were in motion, and there was nothing Charles could do to stop it.

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