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   Chapter 188 Unknown

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"Ms. Xia, I'm the ninth in class in this final exam, and that means I can also go to the camp. So, we can hang out together!" said John Lee with a big smile on his face.

"Well, you are doing great. Just keep it that way! You are going to take the college entrance exam next semester, right? Make sure you get good grades so that you can get admitted to a great college." Linda patted him on his head.

"Sure, no problem! I'll bring my A-game! I promise."

John then paused for a second. Linda recognized the hesitation on his face and knew he obviously had something else to say. And so she asked gently, "What? Do you have something else to tell me? Don't be embarrassed. It's fine. You can tell me."

John weighed the situation and thought that he could trust Ms. Lu with it, and then he continued, "Well, Ms. Xia. You know how hard I have been working on my studies lately. Well, I've been trying to concentrate on getting good grades, but someone is disrupting my efforts. It's Ms. Tang's daughter. She has been bothering me especially since she found out I was doing well in my studies. She just kept nagging and nagging. And she wanted me to be her tutor. And you know what? I accepted to help her, but she was constantly trying to hold my hands. To be honest, I find it really disturbing."

"Haha." Linda couldn't help but giggle. Amber's daughter seemed quite forward.

"Just take it easy. If she has a question and you happen to know the answer, I don't see why you shouldn't help her out. But if you really mind it, how about just keeping her at an arm's length after school?" Linda advi

a weak smile. However, the bad feeling haunted her.

In the teachers' office.

"Haven't you heard? The two pretty newcomers are going for winter camp. I would have applied if I knew they were going." A male teacher commented.

Robert Huo was grading students' homework alone when his attention was immediately drawn by the crowd and he looked up at them when he heard them mentioning the words "pretty newcomers". He knew it was about Linda and Bun.

"Why, Mr. Huo? Are you also interested in the two pretty new teachers?" The same voice asked.

"Are you talking about Ms. Lu and Ms. Xia?"

"Definitely. We usually don't have new teachers, but this semester, two teachers joined us. But tell you what. I've never seen such beautiful females in our school. What a day."

Most of the faculty members were kept in the dark and had no idea who Linda and Bun really were. Only a few senior leaders of the school knew that Linda was the lady of the Xia clan and the fiancee of Charles Mu.

The rest of them simply thought of Linda and Bun as two new teachers.

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