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   Chapter 187 In One Unit

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Everybody knows the saying; absence makes the heart grow fonder, So, Linda was kind of looking forward to the winter camp. She knew that it would be exciting to rejoin Charles, after her temporary absence.

By noon, the faculty was summoned for an emergency meeting concerning the camp. Lilian Li, the director, needed to brief the teachers who were going on the rules, stipulations and guidelines, before the new year.

"My fellow teachers, welcome. This meeting concerns the winter camp. I want to begin by assigning the tasks. First, the rooms. There will be seven teachers in total, four males and three females. So I'm afraid you three might have to share a room."

Lilian paused and looked at Linda.

In fact, what worried her the most was that Linda wouldn't be happy about the plan. After all, Linda wasn't some ordinary woman but the lady of the Mu clan, the one that she couldn't afford to offend.

The original plan was to pair Linda and Bun, but now that there was another one to share their room with, Lilian wasn't sure how Linda would react.

Linda didn't think too much about it. She was totally fine with sharing. After all, she had nothing to hide. And the more the merrier.

However, she had a nagging feeling that the person they were sharing the room with was someone she particularly did not like.

She knew at the back of her mind that the only other female teacher was Amber.

Amber was sitting right across from Linda. When Linda turned to look at her, their eyes locked awkwardly. Amber hesitated when she spoke, "Well, Ms. Xia, Ms. Lu, I suppose you wouldn't mind if we share a room?"

"You mean one room altogether?" Linda asked with a frown.

Linda wouldn't mind living in a single room w

nce both the summer and the winter camp are sponsored by the Mu company. Young Master will pay for it anyway."

Linda simply shook her head, "It's fine. It doesn't matter anyway. Each one of us will have our own bedroom. Besides, it's only half a month. I don't mind."

Linda had done some research and found out that in the past, three teachers had shared a unit. so she knew that

Lilian was not trying to pick on her deliberately. She could cope with that, if it had happened before. Linda didn't care for privileges so long as she had her own private bedroom.

In fact, Linda didn't hold a grudge against Amber. She simply didn't like her for being so dictatorial. Especially her belief that students must obey whatever their teachers. Linda thought that this was complete nonsense.

A knock on the door interrupted Bun from speaking. "Come in!" Linda called out.

It was John Lee. "Ms. Xia, Ms. Lu, are you going to be the instructors during this winter camp?" He asked eagerly as he entered the room.

Linda smiled, "Yes, we are."

John Lee jumped for joy, he was happy that his favorite teachers would be at the winter camp with him.

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