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   Chapter 186 In between a rock and a hard place.

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Bun asked Linda for permission to go on a date with Brian. Her eyes were permanently fixed on the ground beneath her, as she was shy. She felt like a young school girl.

"You two deserve it. Go and have fun." Linda said, grabbing Bun gently by the shoulders. Bun knew that Linda could never say no, but it was customary and respectful to ask for permission.

Just then, Brian appeared. "All set?" He directed his question towards Bun.

"Yes." She responded and they walked out hand in hand. Linda couldn't help but smile.

Linda had seen Paul earlier so she knew Charles was in the house as well. She looked for him in the bedroom, but he wasn't there, so she assumed that he was in the study. She wanted to find out if he had had any lunch. Linda went to the study.

Although Charles was back, he still had a lot of work to do. When Linda found him, he was hunched over his laptop.

He didn't even notice that Linda was staring at him from the door until he caught a whiff of her perfume. He looked up and smiled. "Hi."

"Hi." Linda responded. Then, she walked towards him. He held Linda in his arms, and let her sit on his lap.

"When did you get home?" Linda held Charles's neck and buried her head in his arms.

"Brian wanted to talk to me as soon as I came home, so I didn't have time to come to you. Please forgive me."

"Don't be silly. I'm not mad." She grabbed his face gently and kissed him on the lips. When she retreated, she asked, "Are you hungry?"

Charles nodded, his eyes full of tenderness, "Of course I am. I just came back from work and didn't have time to eat."

"Then I'll ask the chef to cook something for you." Linda stood up to head to the Kitchen.

Since Bun wasn't here, she had to go to the kitchen herself.

However, Charles held onto her, preventing her from standing up. "Honey, will you cook for me?"

Although surprised, Linda still nodded. She hadn't cooked for a long time, but since her husband asked, she was willing to do it.

"Ha! Aren't you scared that I might pois

even though she was unwilling.

She didn't remember anything and wasn't suspicious about the cup of water on the nightstand.

They drove to Brian's home in silence, and when they got there, Brian went to his room without talking to her.

Their grandfathers were playing chess in the study. Upon hearing Brian's car drive in, the two old men went to the living room, where Sarah was standing alone. "Sarah, how was your date? "What did you buy?" They asked, curious.

Sarah couldn't tell them the truth. How could she say that they went to a hotel? So she nodded with embarrassment, "Well, we decided to go and have some food instead. It was really lovely." She smiled, feigning happiness.

But she was really unhappy in her heart. Her memory was just blank.

What the hell happened? Did she have sex with Brian? She tried to sift through her memories for an answer, but nothing came to her.

Later that day, Linda got the news that the students would have a camp in the coming winter vacation and the psychology and P.E. teachers needed to go.

Linda told Charles, and although he didn't agree at first, he later permitted her to go. He felt safe in knowing that Bun was also accompanying Linda.

The only thing that was holding him back from whole-heartedly saying yes, was the fact that the camp would last for about a month and a half.

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