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   Chapter 185 To be or not to be

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"Master Brian, what are you doing?" Bun struggled to retreat from his embrace, but ended up touching Brian's wounded wrist, which made him gasp with pain.

So Bun didn't dare move for fear that she would touch his wound again. This is ridiculous, she thought.

"Bun, don't move. Just let me hold you for a moment."

The sweet murmur of Brian's voice in her ear, softened Bun's heart, so she stopped moving.

Brian held her even tighter.

After a while, he retreated from the embrace, holding onto Bun's shoulder with the one good arm. "You don't understand Bun. I took Sarah to the hotel not to have sex with her, but to give me an opportunity to see you."

Bun was surprised and wanted to ask something, but she controlled herself.

Brian continued his explanation, "My grandfather wanted me to spend some time with Sarah. So I devised a plan, so that I could see you. I took her to the hotel and put a sleeping drug in her water. Now she's sleeping and won't wake up until four hours have passed. Now, I'm here with you, my beautiful flower."

"Master Brian, I..."

"I know what's on your mind. You care about me, so trust me. I will never marry Sarah." Brian interjected, placing his good hand on her cheek.

"But lovers cannot be happy without the blessing of their families. What will we do if your grandfather protests to our marriage? If he doesn't like me, I..." Bun averted her eyes to the ground. Tradition was important to both of them, and she feared that their love would not be able to withstand the pressures of it.

"It doesn't matter. He will accept you for who you are. You'll see." Brian said reassuringly, lifting her face to meet his. He moved closer

and kissed Bun. Bun felt the chemistry and the electricity that flowed between them. Brian did truly love her.

"Bun, promise me that you won't give up. I don't care about your background, I love you." He said, stepping back from the kiss.

"I love you too."

She responded, looking into his eyes.

d even you are playing games with me?"

"I'm sorry buddy, but that's just how life is. Well, I have a request. If you accept this, I'll help Bun reverse her verdict. If not, I will do nothing. After all, Bun is enjoying her life in Mu clan and nobody dares to touch her. Let the past be gone. The only problem is that you'll never marry the girl you love." Charles teased.

Brian was speechless for a moment, but he nodded finally, "Okay. What do you want me to do? For Bun, I'll do anything."

"Nothing big. I just want you to wear girl's clothes and be Linda's bridesmaid on my wedding day."

"What the hell? Are you joking?" Brian asked, a shocked expression on his face.


Is it a yes or a no?" Charles was amused.

Brian said unwillingly, "Yes..."

"So it's a deal." Brian was confused. He wasn't sure if Charles was joking or if he was serious.

"So I'm counting on you now. I'll go to the cinema with Bun. It's our first date. Don't let me down. Thank you my fellow brother!" Brian stood up to leave, still not sure if Charles was serious. 'I guess I'll find out on the wedding day, ' Brian thought. Either way

he knew Charles could settle this. So he felt much more relieved. He left the ice pack on the table, since the pain on his arms had subsided dramatically. The painkillers were kicking in.

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