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   Chapter 184 Brian Ho; A philanderer or a gentleman

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Linda was shocked that she could think that way. Could it be that i've been spending too much time with Charles?

She thought, immediately shaking her head, forcefully trying to banish the dark thoughts.

Linda replied, "Usher him in."

"Yes, My Lady." The servant nodded and turned to head to the door and invite in the visitor.

Not long after, Brian strode in with an imposing gait, still wearing his dashing military uniform. Linda couldn't help but take a few extra looks at him. He was indeed a handsome fellow, but he was also a philanderer!

"Miss Xia, where is Bun?" Brian started looking around as soon as he came in, obviously in search of Bun, but he was disappointed that she was nowhere to be found.

"Never mind where Bun is. You have to tell me first, where were you tonight?" Linda asked, curious. She had to find out everything, since it mattered to Bun's happiness. If Brian was a promiscuous man, Linda didn't want Bun to spend her life with him.

Brian's expression changed to one of surprise.

Did Linda know? How did she find out? Brian thought. It was pointless trying to lie to Linda, since judging from the look on her face, she seemed to know what exactly he was up to.

"I'm sure you know what I was doing. Are you going to make me say it?" Brian responded.

"Yes. I know, you can't lie to me. Brian, my trust in you was all in vain. I repeatedly convinced Bun, time and time again, that she shouldn't give up on you, yet you went out and got a room with Sarah. What's wrong with you?" Linda lashed out towards Brian.

Linda stood up and raised her palm, and in anger, slapped Brian on the back of his head.

"Ouch, Miss Xia, don't raise your hand at me. Damn, I know I was wrong, but it's not what you think. Yes, I did get a room with Sarah, but I was just sitting there with her. We didn't do anything." Brian answered in shock, rubbing at his head, attempting to reduce the pain.

Linda rolled her eyes. "You got a room and did nothing. Are you kidding me? What kind of excuse is that?"

Brian wasn't lying. And at the moment, he was more focused on finding Bun rather than explain himself to Linda. He wanted to make sure that Bun understood that nothing happened.

"Miss Xia, does Bun know about thi

't want the issue to escalate. She knew that if it did, her job and her life would be in jeopardy. "Explain what?" She asked calmly. "I know you know about me and Sarah in a hotel room... " Then it hit Bun. The words coming out of Brian's mouth, hurt her even more. She was at her tipping point, so she stretched her arm and to shut Brian out of her room.

"Hey Bun, please... It's not what you think... " As Bun was closing the door, Brian extended his hand to try and stop her. But Bun had already turned to walk back to her bathroom, and didn't see Brian put his hand through the door. She was so angry, therefore slammed the door.

"AHHHH!" Brian screamt, as the door hit his hand. Bun turned to see Brian clutching his wrist, as the door had bounced open when it hit Brian.

"Young Master Brian, are you ok? I'm so sorry." Her anger subsided into panic. She didn't mean to hurt Brian, but she also didn't expect him to use his hand to stop her from closing the door.

"Umm. No. But I'll be fine. It was an accident." He feigned calmness. His hand had turned a bright shade of red, especially along where the door had hit. Bun really did exert herself shutting the door.

Brian was in severe pain. But as long as it was for Bun, it was worth it.

Bun shook her head in dismay, "Young Master, come in please. Let me put some medication on you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

Bun took a step to the side to allow Brian in, but unexpectedly Brian put his arms around Bun and embraced her.

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