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   Chapter 183 Shouldn't They be Sharing Intimate Moments

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Charles' words reminded Linda that she had to figure everything out before deciding on the matter. But Bun wasn't in a good mood at the moment. She wasn't interested in hearing any explanations.

Linda could definitely understand this, so she let Bun drive back home.

Upon arriving home, Bun told Linda that she wanted to go back to her room and rest.

Linda knew what Bun was going through and felt for her deeply.

Right now, Bun needed to calm herself down. Linda couldn't really help her.

"Bun, have a good rest and don't think too much. I'll get to the bottom of this for you. No matter what happens, we have to clear everything up, don't we?"

Bun mustered a reluctant smile. She said, "My Lady, it's alright. I'm used to this. Master Brian is such a perfect man. He's the most exceptional one among the rest. It's natural I don't get to have him. I think he and Miss Shen make a great couple."

"What are you talking about? Living this life, we have to make something for ourselves. With Sarah's arrogance and attitude of bossing people around, we can't allow everything to go her way, alright? Anyway, even if we're not doing this for Brian, we still need to fight for it. At least there will be one more broken couple."

Linda's words immediately evoked a laugh out of Bun, who was feeling much better. Lady Linda went so far to comfort Bun, that she said whatever came to mind.

However, a few laughs couldn't stave off Bun's growing depressive mood. Tears started to well up and threatened to fall from big watery eyes.

"Alright, go get some rest!" Linda knew that all Bun wanted at this point was to be alone, so she didn't say any more. Whatever she just said was simply an attempt to help cheer Bun up a little.

Bun went to her room, and Charles has

rah, who could practically hear her pounding heartbeats with every breath.

Brian raised his eyebrows, "Why don't you take a shower?"

"Fine." Sarah hesitated a bit before going straight to the bathroom.

Turning on the tap, Sarah's mind went blank.

In the room, Brian took out a pill from his pocket and put it into a cup. He poured a little cold water, which melted it in an instant. It became transparent, as if it wasn't there.

Sarah took a long shower and hadn't come out. Brian's patience was wearing thinner by the minute. Finally half an hour later, Sarah bashfully dragged herself out. She was wrapped in a bath towel.

"Brian, darling..."

Brian was just drinking some water. Seeing Sarah, he said, "Want some?"

Sarah definitely wouldn't refuse water offered by Brian.

Within thirty minutes, a servant came up with a report.

"Young Mistress, the Second Young Master Ho is here."

"Which Young Master?" Linda asked in confusion.

The servants were stumped. "Who else? Isn't there just Young Master Brian Ho?"

"Brian? Wasn't he getting a room with Sarah? How did they finish so quickly, in half an hour?"

Should't they be sharing intimate moments?

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