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   Chapter 182 Seeing Is Not Believing

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Sarah Shen was not a child. She certainly could make out what Brian meant. She took his arm, blushing, and said, "Oh, come on, Brian! Are we moving too fast? You said we just hang out tonight."

"Don't you want to marry me? Then why do you turn me down like this?" Brian Ho raised his eyebrows and asked.

"No, that's not what I meant. I just think it's too fast. Maybe we could do it after getting married. I haven't been prepared for it!"

Sarah Shen stood still, playing hard-to-get.

Brian Ho got a little bit impatient.

"Fine, let's go home then." Brian Ho turned around.

Sarah Shen was just trying to play the reserved girl. Actually, it excited her to know that Brian was going to have sex with her.

For her, there's nothing better than having sex with the one she loved.

She became worried to see that Brian was really going to leave. How could she miss such an unprecedented opportunity? Sarah Shen hurriedly stopped him, took his arms and said, "Fine, fine. you win. I will just listen to you and do what you want. Is that OK?"

She was suddenly overcome with shyness, which made Brian Ho further sick. But he managed to suppress his disgust. He knew that he had to put up with her to get a chance to meet Bun.

Brian felt he could tolerate anything for Bun.

"OK, let's get in. I can't wait."

"No need to rush, Brian. We've got plenty of time."

After dinner, Linda and Ch

. We all meet lots of people in our life, but some are just not so important. Forget him. There is someone better waiting for you..."

"Yes, "

The car turned around in the direction of their home and pulled away. Linda checked her phone and found a few texts from Charles Mu.

"Darling? Where are you? Are you in the shopping mall?"

"Darling, why are you not texting me back? I am going to have a meeting. I can't text you now. Wait for me at home and I'll be back soon."

After seeing all his texts, Linda started to type a text to him. It read, "Shoot, I am pissed off... Guess what I just saw?"

It seemed Charles Mu didn't have the meeting. He texted back immediately: "What's wrong?"

"I just saw Sarah Shen and that damned Brian Ho walking into a hotel..."

"There could probably be some mistakes. Brian is not a man of that sort."

"Really... I saw it with my own eyes..."

"Sometimes seeing is not believing."

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