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   Chapter 181 Brian Goes out with Sarah

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"Sarah's father was crippled for life while rescuing me? How could I know nothing about it?" Brian Ho asked in astonishment.

He was kidnapped when he was a child. He had no memory of it.

"Of course, you forgot the whole thing, because you were only two years old when that happened."

Brian Ho's mind was in turmoil. He did not know how to deal with it.

"Grandfather, please let me alone. I need time to digest all of this..."

"Fine, Brian. Sarah and her grandfather are in the hall now. Why not hang out with her after dinner? Sarah is your fiancee and you two are going to marry each other after one month. So I think you must get to know her. Then you probably would find how interesting she is and fall in love with her. That's how the relationship between your grandmother and me developed."

"I see, grandfather. But now leave me alone, please."

Brian's grandfather left the room. Brian lay on his bed and jumped up some minutes later.

Brian went to the bathroom and looked himself at the mirror. What he saw was a slovenly man with swollen eyes. His face was covered with the stubble.

Brian Ho said to himself, "Brian, This cannot go on. Where is that good-looking young man that you were? If you don't change, how could you marry your beloved Bun?"

It took Brian half an hour to tidy himself up, and afterwards he became the same old, attractive young man again.

Both Bun and Brian had to work hard to break down barriers between them. Brian didn't know whether Bun had the same feelings. But he was sure that he is ready to give up anything for her. Brian wanted to meet Bun immediately.

Even though Sarah Shen's father had rescued him, he couldn't marry Sarah out of gratitude.

Besides, it was totally accidental th

action, "Brian is with me now. He will soon marry me. The bitch would lose."

Brian Ho turned around and asked, "Why there is a scar on your nose? What happened?"

Sarah Shen opened and shut his mouth at once. She didn't speak. Brian found the way she reacted amusing and said again, "Come on, tell me!

Did anyone beat you? Tell me and I will get back at the person for you."


"Of course, I am serious."

"It was Bonny Lu..."

It turned out to be his dear Bun. Brian felt like laughing, but he held it back. He then asked, "Did it hurt a lot?"

"Of course, it did! The woman was nasty. She was jealous and beat me! What she did to me was horrible. But don't worry. Grandfather will get back at her for me."

Sarah Shen was pleased with the fact that Brian Ho cared for her so much. The dislike towards Bun in her heart faded.

The car stopped in front of a luxury hotel.

"Brian, you..."

Sarah Shen thought of something exciting when she saw the hotel.

Did Brian Ho bring her here to have sex with her?

"You really don't know what I want?" Brian Ho said with a naughty smile. He was going to let Sarah Shen make it out herself.

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