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   Chapter 180 Past Haunts Present

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Sarah rolled her eyes when she heard the request. She started to think.

"I distorted the facts out of anger and said it was Bonny who hit me first, and I did nothing."

Would it sound credible that Bonny hit me without any provocation?"

Thinking about that, Sarah felt sad again and started to sob.

"Sarah, what happened? Who have hit you? Tell me, I'll ensure that you get justice. After all, you are my future daughter-in-law." Lord Ho frowned irrepressibly on seeing her cry.

Sarah continued sobbing and said, "I met Lady Xia in the bridal shop today. Both of us were there for the first trial of our wedding dresses. Lady Xia was not there for a while. I saw her servant Bonny checking the wedding dresses. I thought that inappropriate and asked her why would she do so. We quarreled with each other. And she hit me out of the blue."

"What? Beating you? How dare she do so?"

Lord Ho didn't like Bonny. Sarah's words hardened his hatred.

"Yes. I don't know why she did it. It is not the first time that she is doing this. I am kind of used to it..."

"That woman had gone too far. I will help you. Don't cry now. Your eyes have become red. How about having dinner here? I will ask Brian to shop with you in the evening."

"Really? Lord Ho?"

"Of course, you have my word."

"Thank you, my lord." Hearing this, Sarah stopped crying immediately. It amused her grandfather. Lord Shen quipped, "Look at you, Sarah. How can you turn out to be so

re to protect her.

But what if Bun is the daughter of his enemy who had killed his father...

He knew that Bun didn't leak the intelligence report on purpose. But it is undeniable that she was responsible for it.

Brian was distracted for a while.

Lord Ho continued, "It caused a stir at that time, but was settled afterwards. About Sarah, you are to blame for the mess. Why do you flirt with her in the first place?" Now she is in love with you...

"So what? Why must I marry her even though I cannot be with Bonny? I don't like Sarah at all. Past is past. You cannot force me to marry someone I don't love."

"Our clan have been in military for decades and have made some enemies. You were kidnapped when you were very young. It was Sarah's father who rescued you. Her father suffered permanent disability in the process. So I promised the Shen clan that I will grant them a request, no matter what. And that request is for you to marry Sarah. That's why I agreed."

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