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   Chapter 179 Joining Forces

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"We must find out the truth to prove Bun's innocence. The previous results can't hold water."

"But it's something that happened quite long time ago, it wouldn't be so easy to verify evidence now." Charles remained silent for a moment before pointing out seriously.

Linda asked, "When is the date of Brian and Sarah's wedding?"

"A week before ours."

"Okay. How about interfering their wedding on that day? We can't allow Sarah to marry Brian. Otherwise, Brain will regret it for the rest of his life. We will feel sorry for him as well."

"I'm sure that Brian doesn't love Sarah. It's time for him to stop philandering about and get his act together. After all, Sarah is the result of his actions. "

Charles remarked, smiling at Linda.

Sarah stumbled home and cried to her grandfather the moment she saw him, "Grandpa, grandpa!"

She cried so loudly that her grandfather got worried and wondered, "What happened to her?"

"What's wrong, Sarah?"

He immediately asked, noticing the scratches on her face.

Bun punched Sarah so hard, it almost broke her nose.

But Bun actually pulled her punch. If she hadn't, Sarah's face would be disfigured.

"What happened to your face? Why are there are so many scratches? Who hit you?"

Sarah cried harder, "Grandpa, I was

Sarah, welcome."

"Apologies for troubling you, but we came here for an important matter."

"All right. Come in."

In the living room, Lord Ho picked up on Lord Shen's hint and dismissed all the servants as soon as tea was served. Only the three of them remained in the room.

The moment they arrived, Lord Ho noticed that Sarah was upset and her eyes were swollen. He asked, "What's the matter, Sarah? Did someone hit you?"

Lord Shen responded before Sarah even opened her mouth. "Actually, we came here for Sarah. Do you know Bonny?"

Lord Ho resented her. The reason Brian didn't want to marry Sarah was because he had feelings for this woman.

"Of course, I know her."

"Sarah, tell us what happened to you."

Lord Shen didn't know the details of the incident because Sarah kept crying so much at home. He asked Sarah to elaborate now.

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